Most frequently made Spanish spelling mistakes

Spanish spelling mistakes are really common due to a wide diversity of tenses, expressions, grammar and spelling rules, Spanish is one of the most difficult languages. However, if we have a good teacher and we work hard enough, learning Spanish in Valencia will become an easy and enjoyable task.   Many Spaniards have doubts about … Read more

Learning Spanish is trendy: the figures

Learning Spanish is trendier than ever. And it is not something we just say. The publication of different studies puts special emphasis on the constant increase of students of Spanish in the world. There are some figures which prove this statement right. For many foreigners coming to Spain and Learning Spanish becomes one of their … Read more

What did you say? Practicing vocabulary

Spanish is a language that is written according to how it is spoken. The Spanish “play football” or “breakfast coffee and a croissant”. Even in our dictionary we accepted the word “güisqui” (whiskey). So, it is very easy to learn Spanish, since all the words are spelled exactly as they sound. But beware, because the … Read more

Tour of castles from Valencia to learn Spanish

Did you know that Valencia is one of the oldest cities in Spain? It was founded in the second century. B.C, although it was already occupied since ancient times. Due to its fertile lands and its geographical position in the Mediterranean sea, the city has always had a high density of population and it has attracted … Read more

5 neighbourhoods where to learn Spanish in Valencia

If you’ve chosen Valencia as your next destination to learn Spanish in Spain, without a doubt you’ve chosen right. The city has many corners where you can practice your Spanish, exchange languages and learn Spanish with native speakers. When you select a city where to learn a language, right when you start looking up things … Read more

Learn Spanish on the beaches of Valencia

Since Valencia has an average annual temperature above 15 degrees and during June until October daily, it´s above 20/25 degrees, is there any better place then to learn Spanish on the beaches of  Valencia?? Valencia offers the possibility to enjoy in the city and in the province of libraries, near the Mediterranean Sea. Only in Valencia … Read more

My experience in Valencia and at AIP

I began my experience in Valencia and at AIP Language School with a strong intent to improve my personal and professional background, and I can tell that I succeeded, thanks to this beautiful city and AIP. Valencia is an explosion of beauty and freshness, every corner has its own history and features; a spring-like climate … Read more


Valencia is a city at the mediterranean ocean and it is a beautiful one at the same time; Still not as big as Madrid or Barcelona, but still a big city, which is supposed to be liked by the whole family. There’s so much to see and to do there for children as well as … Read more

Hitchhiking in Spain

Yes, we can: Hitchhiking in Spain and Portugal for a month on €200 budget I bet you’re looking at the screen right now and can’t believe your eyes. How? What’s the catch? There must be a catch! The catch is: CouchSurfing and hitchhiking in Spain and Portugal. You can read about that in our previous blog … Read more

Nature and fun at the Bioparc in Valencia

Do you love nature? And animals? Fun? Then, you cannot miss the Bioparc in Valencia.  Among the activities organized by the AIP Institute of languages in Valencia, you can’t miss the visit to Bioparc. Don’t think it is just a simple zoo, because, indeed, it derives from a completely different and innovative philosophy. Opened in 2008, … Read more

Where can you learn Spanish?

It is difficult to choose a school where to study Spanish in Spain, yes, very difficult. Not only that are a lot of cities, which all seem interesting and attractive, but also in each city there are many schools that offer the same thing. Are all of them excellent ? Am I going to learn Spanish … Read more


For those who love discovering old fascinating theatres and can’t help seeing the last movie at the cinema, there is our invitation: LET’S GO TO THE THEATRE AND CINEMA in Valencia without abandoning our cultural habits, also if we’re on holiday. Good piece of advise, isnt’ it?:) Do you like amateur Theatre?   Then visit!! Did … Read more

Nightlife in Valencia: the areas of “movida”

First time in this city? let’s discover the Nightlife in Valencia, you’ll soon find out the meaning of the word “movida”. In this article we’ll go through the areas of Blasco Ibañez, Benimaclet, Russafa, Barrio Carmen. Blasco Ibañez Blasco Ibañez is well known especially by (Erasmus-) students. It’s the party-street of the students. Just behind the the … Read more

Four Americans in Valencia: January

Hi! My name is Kayla Helwig. I’m from New York, United States. I am 22 years old and I study education at the Buffalo University of New York. All my life I wanted to study abroad and since Spanish is a well-known language, I thought it was important to learn it. So I chose to study … Read more

April, Morocco and much more

  Kayla In April we had the spring vacation and spent my vacation with the group in Morocco! It was the best trip of my life. We stayed six days. We have been traveling through Morocco and we´ve seen many new things. Also, we´ve spent two nights in Sahara desert. Incredible ! Zach Morocco, for spring … Read more

February in Valencia. Or not?

Zach Me, Sophia and Kayla went to Prague. The city was beautiful, but very cold. It reminded me a lot of my hometown. One day, me and Sophie went to a concentration camp outside the city called Terezin. It was very exciting to see how they treated people during the Second World War in the … Read more