5 neighbourhoods where to learn Spanish in Valencia

If you’ve chosen Valencia as your next destination to learn Spanish in Spain, without a doubt you’ve chosen right. The city has many corners where you can practice your Spanish, exchange languages and learn Spanish with native speakers.

When you select a city where to learn a language, right when you start looking up things online, a lot of questions come into your mind: Which neighbourhoods or districts of the city have interesting cafés or bars where I can practice the language I am studying at my school? Where can I go to complete my Spanish classes? Studying Spanish in Spain and more concretely studying Spanish in Valencia means having the possibility to getting to know one by one some of most charismatic and popular areas of the city.


  1. Benimaclet is situated in the north of Valencia. This popular neighbourhood is the most famous one for students and is always busy. Its closeness to the University Politécnia of Valencia and to the University of Valencia is the reason why there are many interesting bars where you can participate in language exchanges and where you can learn Spanish in Valencia. Moreover, there are many Erasmus bars where you can certainly practice more than one language.
  2. El Carmen is in the old town. In its narrow and cobbled streets are interesting small bars where you can read a good book in Spanish, learn Spanish by talking to a friend while having a beer or while participating in a language exchange.aprender español en españa-5-neighbourhoods-where-to-learn-spanish-in-valencia
  3. Ruzafa. The most multicultural neighbourhood of the city is another perfect location where to learn Spanish in Valencia.Ruzafa doesn’t only have a tense number of bars and restaurants of any colour, any condition and for every taste. Ruzafa also offers interesting bars and cafés where to learn Spanish in Valencia.
  4. Serrería is near the beach. This vigorous area of Valencia is another district you really shouldn’t miss. In Serrería there are now more and more foreign students and also more locations where to learn Spanish in Valencia, where to practice Spanish and where to participate in language exchanges.
  5. Campanar. In the most antique part of the neighbourhood of Campanar you’ll find one or more places where they also offer language exchanges, you can practice with friends or strangers. As you can see the adventure of learning Spanish in Spain and more correctly of learning Spanish in Valencia is never ending in this city. Just you dare!

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