April, Morocco and much more



In April we had the spring vacation and spent my vacation with the group in Morocco!


It was the best trip of my life. We stayed six days. We have been traveling through Morocco and we´ve seen many new things.


Also, we´ve spent two nights in Sahara desert. Incredible !


Morocco, for spring vacation !! Best experience of my life!



It was absolutely amazing. My favorite part was two nights in the Sahara desert and riding camels in the dunes of sand.

Valencia´s beach is beautiful and is my favorite place from town. It is an ideal place to relax, hang out with friends and just relax. When you get to Valencia, you want to spend your time there.




In April, during spring vacation, my family came to Spain for a week! During the week, we went to Barcelona, Cantillos and Valencia! When they were here in Valencia, they met my Spanish family and visited my house! In Valencia, we ate paella and delicious tapas.



To start, in April, me and the group went to Sagunto and Peniscola. In Segunto, we made a trip to explore the Roman ruins. After visiting Segunto, we took the bus to Peniscola. First, I wanted to go to the beach because the sun was burning.And because it was so hot I took a bath in the sea. Secondly, me and Adriane decided to go to the castle. Then we drank sangria while we were watching the sea. It was a good day.
Easter was in April.

I decided to go to Germany and Italy to visit my friends. The city I visited in Germany was Berlin. I visited the Berlin Wall. I saw a lot of interesting graffiti.



The symbol of Berlin is a bear and I´ve taken a lot of pictures with him. Also, in Berlin it´s a habit to drink a lot beer. Berlin was great. After Germany, I went to Italy.




In Italy, I visited Florence. In Florence, me and my friend walked across the whole city. I saw the Dome and David de Michael Angelo. I ate lots of pizza, pasta, and ice cream. Florence was very different from Berlin. Florence is full of history, better than the modern Berlin. As a conclusion, I had a good week.

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