February in Valencia. Or not?



Me, Sophia and Kayla went to Prague. The city was beautiful, but very cold. It reminded me a lot of my hometown. One day, me and Sophie went to a concentration camp outside the city called Terezin. It was very exciting to see how they treated people during the Second World War in the camp. Very emotional.




In February, all students from the group went to Bocairent, for Moors and Christians.




Everyone dressed like Moors or Cristians. It was a great show. People played different instruments and went to a famous church. While we were there, me and Zach made funny videos.

Also in February, my parents came to visit me in Spain.

We walked through Barrio del Carmen and went to the beach to see the sunset. Another day, me, my mother and my brother went to the Oceanographic. My brother liked the animals, especially the dolphin show.




At night, they came to my house from Spain to meet my mother from here. Both mothers prepared the dinner.

They cooked tortilla and salad. As dessert we had oranges. My family loved Valencia.







In February we had a group trip to Prague with Miguel. We spent our time exploring old town and we learned a little bit of history. It was a good trip and Prague was one of the most beautiful cities I´ve visited.



In February, I also spent time in Germany. I visited a friend who lives in Germany and I was happy seeing her again. Germany is a quiet and beautiful country.




I had a good time in February !












Me and my friend Zach went to Rome and Benidorm. In Rome, we visited almost all important monuments of the city.

In Rome, after two days, my Aunt Anne, who lives in New York, stayed with us. During the holidays, we ate lots of delicious food! We ate amazing pizza slices and delicious ice cream. I love almost the whole Rome !!

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