Four Americans in Valencia: January


Hi! My name is Kayla Helwig. I’m from New York, United States. I am 22 years old and I study education at the Buffalo University of New York. All my life I wanted to study abroad and since Spanish is a well-known language, I thought it was important to learn it. So I chose to study in Spain.
When I arrived in Spain I was very nervous, but then I started to know everyone from the group and I felt much better. We spent three days in Madrid and started to know each other. I appreciated that time with them. When we arrived in Valencia, our Spanish families waited for us to the airport. Then, I knew that my Spanish was worse than of others. I had to learn a lot.
After a few days with Carmen (my Spanish mother), I felt very comfortable with her and with my roommate.
In late January, I´ve made my first trip to Barcelona. I love this city and I had a good time there!


I am Sofia. I’m from Brooklyn, New York. I want to be a history example. I like traveling and I thought Spain is a good country where I can study Spanish and go to other countries in Europe. Many people in America speak Spanish. I think that for learning Spanish, a job would help al ot. I arrived in Valencia with a friend. We were very happy of living in Europe. My experience here was better than I expected. Me and my friend went to Amsterdam on the third week of January. It was unexpected because we bought the airline tickets the night before leaving. Amsterdam has many canals near the city. Also, many of them ride their bikes throughout the city.
During night, we were wakling and at night we went to the Red District. We had a lot of fun in Amsterdam and I like that were a lot of students from other countries.
In the second week of January we went to Barcelona. It was our first trip without Miguel. Barcelona was very nice and we were lucky to have beautiful weather. We visited Guell Park, the cathedral Sagrada Familia and la Casa Mila. Also, we walked on Las Ramblas, one of the most important streets in town, where we bought souvenirs. Barcelona has an incredible architecture, so we took very nice pictures. We all fell in love with Barcelona!


Hello, my name is Adrienne, I live in Marlboro, New York. When I arrived in Spain, I understood a bit of Spanish. I met my Spanish family for the first time, I was a little bit nervous. But when I got home, I fell in love with the whole family! My mother Spain is an angel ! She was washing my clothes and cleaning my room, although my mother from US doesn´t do it !


My name is Zachery Lashway. Nice to meet you! I’m from New York. When I arrived here in Spain, I did not know Spanish at all. I´m not kidding! Now, I do not speak fluent but I can understand and I speak a little bit.

I have best lady of all! Her name is Lola, she was washing our clothes every day. I can not ask for a more pleasant woman like her. Lola is very nice, friendly and charming. She is a real angel! Lola made my experience to be good. I am going to be sad when I will leave from Spain, the same I was when I left my family to come here.

The next months are going to be better!

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