And in March, the four Americans at Las Fallas and much more


In March I went to Ireland! It was my second time in Ireland, because my family lived in Ireland and I went when I was ten years old !


During my vacation, me and Zach to Dublin and Derry. In both cities we met a lot of people. When we went in Derry, we saw Giants Causeway, which is incredible. In Ireland I slept in a hostel for the first time! I love living in Europe because it is cheaper to travel !!

Also, in March, I celebrated Las Fallas in Valencia. It’s an awesome party for a whole week! During Fallas, we had lot of fun and whave done a lot of activities.




March has the best week in the famous Valencia. Its name is Las Fallas.


During the week, there are many Ninots in the city. Some are larger than others. The fireworks were heard during the day. Moreover, the mascletá from the Town Hall Square was there at 2:00 every day. The noise of the fireworks was very strong. We had to open our mouths so not to damage our ears.

During this week, many people drink on the streets and celebrate holidays in white tents on the streets. Las Fallas was a lot of fun and craziness, but by the end of the week, I was very tired.



FALLAS !!!!! One of the craziest weeks of my life! It was amazing, something that I never want to miss and something I feel can not be described with no word in Spanish or English.

Me and Adriana went to Fuerteventura.


Fuertanventura was one of my favorite places to visit. It was more beautiful than any of the islands from the Caribbean Islands where I have been. I was at a great party there. I waited to speak a lot English, there are a lot of British people on the island. One day we went to an uninhabited island off the coast. We took a boat that had a glass bottom to see fish on the deep blue bottom. The island was amazing.

We arrived home on Monday and on Thrusday, we went to Ireland and Northern Ireland.



Ireland is one of my favorite places in the world. We went to Dublin and then took a bus to Londonderry, then a train to Giant’s Causeway, which was awesome. I had to climb a cliff because my bag fell off, I became hysterical.

We’ve had a lot of fun.





March was my favorite month of my time in Spain. Fallas began on the first day of March and lasted until on 19th of March. During the festival, the whole group had good time.


We saw the sculptures (“Fallas”), look at the fireworks, met new people, and enjoy the city with many people.










In March, there was another group trip to Paris.





I was in love with the city and we did a lot of things during our vsiit there. I left after seeing everything I wanted to see and I have wonderful memories.

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