Learn Spanish on the beaches of Valencia

Since Valencia has an average annual temperature above 15 degrees and during June until October daily, it´s above 20/25 degrees, is there any better place then to learn Spanish on the beaches of  Valencia?? Valencia offers the possibility to enjoy in the city and in the province of libraries, near the Mediterranean Sea.

Only in Valencia there are up to 25 kilometers of coastline, of which almost 20 are beaches. It´s the perfect way for windsurfing, sailing and many other nautical activities. But not only sport, you can enjoy sun and sand too. You can also learn Spanish on the beaches of Valencia. How? Thanks to its libraries on the beach or bus-library services. A bus-library that goes across some of the most important parts of the province.

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For example, on Malvarrosa beach, known as the urban beach of Valencia, being very close to town center, connected by tram, bus and metro from any place, there´s a library from which you can choose any book and revise  your Spanish and your knowledge learned during one week at AIP Spanish School.

Because you know already that working days offers enough: sunbathing, a relaxing bath, the contemplation of fantastic landscapes, enjoying talking with friends or relaxing, enjoying the calm of sea and reading books in Spanish. This is another way to learn Spanish on the beaches of Valencia.

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But this isn´t the only beach that has a library. Gandia is the largest town of Valencia and is located one hour by train from the capital. It´s a major tourist center at 70 kilometers far from Valencia where you can spend a day enjoying large and beautiful beaches, discovering a historic town if you feel like exploring its historic center, and relaxing in the sand, enjoying a good book in Spanish thanks to the bookmobiles that go across its beach during summer.

But there are many beaches in the city of Valencia: Las Arenas, Pinedo, El Saler … if you decide to go to any of these, remember to take with you a book and practice near the Mediterranean Sea with the tranquility that involves learning Spanish in Valencia and on its beaches.



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