Nature and fun at the Bioparc in Valencia

Do you love nature? And animals? Fun? Then, you cannot miss the Bioparc in Valencia.

 Among the activities organized by the AIP Institute of languages in Valencia, you can’t miss the visit to Bioparc. Don’t think it is just a simple zoo, because, indeed, it derives from a completely different and innovative philosophy. Opened in 2008, the Bioparc occupies about 1000 square meters inside the Cabecera park, a very beautiful place because it is directly connected with the Turia Gardens, where the river is divided into two branches which surround the city of Valencia. In this part the water becomes the protagonist, giving the river its original landscape.

alt="Nature and fun at the Bioparc, in Valencia"-nature-and-fun-at-the-bioparc-in-valenciaThe starting point of the Bioparc project is the faithful reconstruction of the original species of animals without cages or concrete barriers, but only with levees or natural obstacles, which help to create a context of total immersion in the environment. This is the essential difference with a zoo: in the Bioparc there is no passivity, no simple observation, but interaction, active participation and direct contact. The special feature of this park is its location, which is in an urban environment, not a strange thing in Valencia. So the Bioparc becomes a sort of “get away” from the busy world, a quiet and relaxing place where you can see the importance of biodiversity without leaving the city. Any moment you can find yourself in the African savannah, in the equatorial Africa or in Madagascar; it is a wonderful experience if you like nature and animals.

alt="Nature and fun at the Bioparc, in Valencia"-nature-and-fun-at-the-bioparc-in-valenciaParticipating in these activities organized by AIP Institute of languages​​, you can get a discount on the entrance fee and also visit the park in the company of your new friends, to share with them these fantastic moments.

What are you waiting for? Let´s go to Bioparc in Valencia!!

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