The Botanical Garden of Valencia

The Botanical Garden of Valencia is The perfect place to find yourself Do you know the botanical garden? And his Museum? The truth is that this is one of those places that go unnoticed by the conventional tourist, plus it does not appear in conventional guidebooks. In the Calle Quart, 80, very close to the Torres … Read more

How to do an internship in Spain?

Internship in Spain: how can I be sure to find a good one? Nowadays doing practices has become compulsory in more and more universities, and, in some cases, it must be done abroad. The most frequent question is: how can I organize  an internship abroad being at home, if I don’t know the country and … Read more

Why learning Spanish?

The main reasons, can´t be questioned: 1. About 500 million people speak Spanish, so you can talk to 7% of the world population. 2. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world (almost 388 million people in 21 countries). 3. After English, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the … Read more

¡Viva la tomatina!

Buñol and the Tomato-Fight Ever since 60 years, every year there are more than 10 thousand tourists travelling to this usually very calm village in the inside of the province Valencia to celebrate the day of the tomato. This year it will take place on the 29 of August. About 11 am the procession of … Read more

HÍPICA Pool, the secret of Valencia !

TIRED OF THE BEACH ARENA ? …GO TO THE   Hípica pool in Valencia Did you know that only 500 m. far from school there is a beautiful public swimming pool with plenty of grass and palm trees? It is called Hípica Pool and it is located inside of La Hipica, on Jaca Street no. … Read more

Valencia, a well connected city

To come here is quite easy! In fact Valencia is connected with 52 airports of 20 countries. For For this reason there are 268 connections weekly. To cope with the touristy demand between the months April and October, the airport of Valencia enabled 1,3 millon arrivals of flights from all over the world. Therefore the number of … Read more

INCUBARTE, International festival of Independent Art

The 21 of June @ 19pm the 5th version of the INCUBARTE begins! INCUBARTE in Valencia is an international Festival of Independent Art which unifies plastic- with visual art. They just create a link between different types oft art and culture like painting, sculpture, instalations, photography and video-arts. It’s an amazing meeting point of several … Read more

A Guide to St. John’s Eve in Valencia

Summer is one of our favorite seasons. Period. Long and sunny days, lying on the beach, having ice cream, forgetting about appointments and deadlines, living life in a more laid-back style, getting a tan, and the list could go on and on and on. Valencia, where AIP Languages is located, is a coastal city bathed … Read more

Street Art Valencia

The valencian Street Art is very famous and well-respected all over the world. This becomes first and foremost clear when you see its online presence! As a result of the fugacity of Street Art based on the atmospheric conditions and the destruction by persons and posters, the internet is one of the little places where … Read more

Nightlife in Valencia: the areas of “movida”

First time in this city? let’s discover the Nightlife in Valencia, you’ll soon find out the meaning of the word “movida”. In this article we’ll go through the areas of Blasco Ibañez, Benimaclet, Russafa, Barrio Carmen. Blasco Ibañez Blasco Ibañez is well known especially by (Erasmus-) students. It’s the party-street of the students. Just behind the the … Read more


Are you new in Valencia and don’t know how to get around? Well guys, there’s a very nice way to do it! Rent a Valenbisi! Take care and respect your environment and mother nature – don’t go by car or metro, take a ride on the Valenbisi bicycle! What is Valenbisi? Valenbisi is a modern … Read more

What is Street Art?

You are in Valencia wondering What is Street Art? here a brief explanation! Street Art contains all visual forms of expressions of unofficial occupation through symbols and codes on surfaces of the urban area. It is quite hard to reproduce the development of Street Art, because in the several worldwide metropolises it expanded in different … Read more

Welcome to Valencia

“The world is like a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”. – So travel to Valencia and broaden your horizons! So you don’t get lost in the big book of the world, we’re going to help you, at least on the pages of Valencia!! Want to know who we are? Well, … Read more

Four Americans in Valencia: January

Hi! My name is Kayla Helwig. I’m from New York, United States. I am 22 years old and I study education at the Buffalo University of New York. All my life I wanted to study abroad and since Spanish is a well-known language, I thought it was important to learn it. So I chose to study … Read more

February in Valencia. Or not?

Zach Me, Sophia and Kayla went to Prague. The city was beautiful, but very cold. It reminded me a lot of my hometown. One day, me and Sophie went to a concentration camp outside the city called Terezin. It was very exciting to see how they treated people during the Second World War in the … Read more

April, Morocco and much more

  Kayla In April we had the spring vacation and spent my vacation with the group in Morocco! It was the best trip of my life. We stayed six days. We have been traveling through Morocco and we´ve seen many new things. Also, we´ve spent two nights in Sahara desert. Incredible ! Zach Morocco, for spring … Read more