Learn Spanish in Valencia with Don Quijote and other books

Spanish literature is considered one of the richest and prolific in the world. Its authors are known worldwide and many of its works are, for many centuries, read by millions of readers around the world. Learn Spanish in Valencia with Don Quijote and other classic Spanish to help you improve your language. Get to know these classics!

Obviously, to learn Spanish at AIP Language School in Valencia, any book in that language can help you to learn the syntax, the vocabulary, the expressions … but there are also people who prefer to learn the names, authors and contents of books that have marked the Spanish society in the literature. Don Quijote is a key book to learn Spanish, but it is long to read and you must have patience to read it all. At AIP Language School, from a large range of books, we have selected these ten classics. Read them at home, on the bus, or at the beach of Valencia… you will definitely learn !

Literatura para aprender español-learn-spanish-in-valencia-with-don-quijote-and-other-books

1. El Quijote or Don Quixote de la Mancha. This is probably the best known book in  Spanish literature. A book in which the action takes place in Castellon, Spain, between the reality and madness of its character, obsessed with books about horses. Its author is Miguel de Cervantes and it shows a great richness of content and also the duality between realism and fantasy.

2. Lazarillo de Tormes. Its author is anonymous and it was written in 1554. The action takes place in the picaresque genre and tells the story of a poor and malignant child of medieval Spain. By his side, different characters he meets, serve as a model and whic contemplate, also describe with humor, the hardness of the reality of time.

3. La Regenta. Learning Spanish with the book La Regenta, is assured. It was adapted for film, television and theater, for countless times and its author was Leopoldo Arias, “Clarin”. In the movie, her heroine is Ana Ozores and by watching it, you can meet such topics as loneliness, boredom, political criticism and desire for a better life.

Aprender español leyendo-learn-spanish-in-valencia-with-don-quijote-and-other-books

4. La Celestina. This book by Fernando de Rojas is one of the most admired classics of Spanish literature and which all children learn in schools. Calisto and Melibea are Romeo and Juliet in Spanish, and as you can guess, love, passion and deceit are the main themes of this book. You will be hooked !

5. La vida es sueño. Learn Spanish with Life is a dream, you will discover a beautiful romance between religion and philosophy but it can also make you think about life itself. It is not easy to read, but if you like challenges, we encourage you to choose this book.

6. Cantar de Mío Cid. If you come to Valencia to learn Spanish, and you are a lover of poetry, classic among Spanish classics,this book is for you. It has about one thousand years (it was written in 1110) and tells, with the help of minstrels, the great adventures of a person in the history of Spain, Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, El Cid.


7. El libro del buen amor. It is said that it is the most important book of medieval Spanish literature. Dare to read it? It was written by Juan Ruiz, alias “The Archpriest of Hita.” There is a variety of genre and this book tells about the conflicts of Spain’s identity at the time. Be patient with this book !

8. El alcalde de Zalamea. Pedro Calderon de la Barca is the author of this masterpiece of the Spanish Golden Age. This is a good way to learn Spanish and at the same time, learn a little bit about the ancient history of Valencia. The following themes appear most frequent in this book : justice, revenge, freedom and human dignity.

9. Cañas y Barro. If you learn Spanish in Valencia, why not try to read a book written by a classic Valencian author? Vicente Blasco Ibanez. He wrote a book considered brilliant in the international literature and whose story itakes place in the National Park of Albufera, in Valencia. He talks about Paloma family, a typical, poor family, so the themes are love and typical social changes of the early twentieth century.

10. Fortunata y Jacinta. Its author is Benito Perez Galdos, a classic of Spanish nineteenth century realism. In it, you will find an entertaining book where its character will keep up your attention from page to page.

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