Find the best books to learn Spanish in Valencia

The first time I came to Valencia in 1999, I wasn’t sure if I could find good bookstores with the best books to learn Spanish for my students, but I got a pleasant surprise. I found this picturesque street full of secondhand bookstores; the street La Nave, nearby Plaza Alfonso el Magnánimo, known as ‘El Parterre’ by locals. Today, most of those stores have disappeared. They have all closed, except for one: Facultades, which has a great collection of antique and secondhand books, as well as lots of Spanish dictionaries suitable for all pockets.

At our school, AIP Languages, we have already had lots of students of Spanish as a foreign language to whom Valencia left a great impression on and they were always able to find the best books to learn Spanish in this city. Valencia has long editorial tradition and it still continues to be a hotspot of printed letters attracting avid readers and collectors.

Where to find the best books to learn Spanish in Valencia.

We can walk from the street ‘La Nave’ to the western part of the city and arrive at another area of old bookstores, nearby Plaza Redonda. We start off at calle San Fernando, 7, where Rafael Solaz’s antique bookstore is located. Its owner, a passionate reader offering a stunning collection of not only books but also antiquities.

books to learn Spanish-best-books-learn-spanish-valencia
Asilo del libro.
books to learn Spanish-best-books-learn-spanish-valencia
Sonia Malvido, teacher of AIP Languages with Rafael Solaz.


On the opposite side, Asilo del Libro has a varied collection of old papers, bullfighting posters, newspapers, stickers, postcards, comics, engravings and other stamped papers. And, just behind Plaza de la Reina, in Plaza del Pañuelo we find another old bookstore owned by Solaz.  At the back of La Lonja, Plaza del Doctor Collado, there is a small and charming bookstore, El Cárabo, with a very special collection of literature. In Plaza de la Merced, we find Auca Llibres specialising in antique books about Valencia, books written in Valencian and advertising posters.


And next to the train station, calle Pelayo, París-Valencia awaits for its customers with rare publications, old editions of cheap copies of antique books and a huge variety of discounted books, Spanish classics, travel books, self-help books, art, history and literature in general. In el Parterre, there is another bookstore Páris-Valencia, nearby Calle de La Nave, and one more in Gran vía Marqués del Turia. This avenue holds the Feria del Libro Antiguo y de Ocasión from the end of February until March 19th, overlapping with one of the biggest festivals in the world: las Fallas. Visitors from all over the globe come to Valencia to see the ninots, scattered all over the city.


books to learn Spanish-best-books-learn-spanish-valencia
Book fair in Valencia


books to learn Spanish-best-books-learn-spanish-valenciaIn calle Maestro Gozalbo, 4, we can find another bookshop Maestro Gozalbo, whose owner is one of the most senior sellers in Valencia. In the Ruzafa district, the homonym bookshop Ruzafa, full of first editions of the acclaimed Generation 98, theatre play librettos and other antique books of interest. Finally, let’s not forget about some other bookstores in other districts: Querubín specialising in esoteric topics and Prim, with secondhand books and period novels.

And without further ado, we finish this route here expecting to see you around soon enjoying the city of Valencia and also learning Spanish with AIP Languages in Valencia, where you will be able to find the best books to learn Spanish.

See you soon!

Sonia Malvido

AIP Teacher.

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