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If you come to Spain to learn Spanish, chose Valencia as your destination and love culture and art, then you’re in luck. The city has a rich cultural program that will surprise and also help you to learn Spanish. But, we want to be innovative. And that’s why we recommend these five original museums to visit in Valencia, as an alternative choice among the most popular and famous museums.

The Prince Felipe Museum, the Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM), the Museum of Prehistory and the Museum of Fine Arts are just some of the museums that are very popular and most visited in Valencia. But to your surprise, or not, the city has a great deal of museums, there are in total 40 different museums to visit. Also, visiting a museum is always a good opportunity to expand your vocabulary, through brochures, explanations or titles of work.



1. Museo del arroz
As you know, is Valencia the city of excellent rice, and, of course, must it have its own museum of rice. It is situated in Cabañal, a neighborhood with a lot of personality and next to the beach. It is located in an old mill where you can also discover its history and observe the treatment process of rice.


2. Museo del Corpus
In the heart of El Carmen is another original museum to visit. An opportunity to learn Spanish in Valencia through reading its long and interesting history. The Corpus Museum is located in Casa de las Rocas, a building originated in the fifteenth century. In it, you can see the interesting and original creations of the religious parade that goes through the city on the feast of Corpus Christi, it is one of the oldest and most striking parades.


3. Museo de la Policía
Yes, in Valencia the police also has its own museum. The Police Museum is situated at the noisy Avenida del Cid. In it you can find documents and old weapons, uniforms, medals, awards and distinctions received by the local police of Valencia, delivered by different authorities and personalities … and a nice collection of antique cars that will surprise you. Read everything you can get your hands on and expand your vocabulary.


4. Museo Blasco Ibáñez
Sure, when you learn Spanish in Valencia go and read a book at Vicente Blasco Ibanez, undoubtedly the most recognized author of Valencian literature. On the Malvarrosa beach you can find Museum Blasco Ibáñez, a beach house where Vicente Blasco lived most his life. You can see his literary works and personal memories and see what life was like for this icon of the Valencian culture.


5. Cripta de la Cárcel de San Vicente
The Crypt of the Prison of San Vicente is a museum that only a few tourist know, but it is worth visiting. You learn Spanish through audio or with the brochures they give you when you visit the museum. It is located near the Cathedral of Valencia and in it you can find a sixth-century chapel. They believe that San Vincente was imprisoned here. Furthermore, there is an extension of the Via Augusta that united Valencia and Rome in time of the great empire.

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