50 reasons why you should learn Spanish in Valencia

Don´t look any further for a place to learn Spanish. Valencia is the best city to learn Spanish. And the city, which is one of the largest in Spain, has a lot of advantages that make it ideal to learn the language. We have collected 50 reasons why you should learn Spanish in Valencia.

Spain has a wide range of interesting cities where you can enjoy the architectural treasures, fine beaches, rich cuisine, interesting cultural and artistic options and friendly people. It is understandable that it is difficult to choose a city in Spain to learn Spanish. However, we have made it easy for you! Valencia is a wonderful city to learn Spanish, and we are not the only ones who say that, also our current and former students are very excited about Valencia. We have summarized why you should learn Spanish in Valencia:

aprender español en España-50-reasons-why-you-should-learn-spanish-in-valencia

  1. We have great beaches
  2. A nice climate during the whole year
  3. Our winter is not cold (compared to other parts of Europe)
  4. We invented paella
  5. In Valencia you can enjoy the tasty and healthy Mediterranean kitchen
  6. We have over a dozen cinemas and theaters
  7. We have a neutral Spanish accent which is more understandable compared to other places in Spain.
  8. You can visit Albufera, one of the most beautiful natural parks in Spain
  9. You will love the City of Arts and Science, during the day and at night
  10. In March there is Las Fallas, one of the most monumental holidays of Valencia
  11. We have a great sea fishing tradition
  12. You can try the best horchata
  13. If you come to learn Spanish in Valencia, you will find a huge campus life
  14. And drink Agua de Valencia
  15. Valencia also has its own festivals suchs as: Moros y cristianos, San Dionís, the 9th of October, etc…
  16. You can enjoy Ruzafa, one of our nicest, fashionable and multicultural district to dine or have a drink
  17. It is only 300 km from Madrid and Barcelona
  18. You can learn other languages such as Valencian
  19. You will spend many evenings strolling through the nice streets of el Carmen
  20. The centre is surrounded by a huge park where you can run, relax and study
  21. In Valencia is the best aquarium in the world: Oceanográfic
  22. And zoo, Bioparc, is also one of the best zoo´s in the world
  23. It is the third biggest city of Spain, you will not get bored
  24. Madrid an Barcelona are very beautiful cities, but in Valencia you will have less stress due to the short distance between the different points in the city
  25. There are many opportunities to learn Spanish
  26. Valencia is a student city; people from all over the world come to Valencia to learn Spanish. If you come to Valencia you will for sure expand your cycle of friends
  27. It is a city with a lot of light
  28. And very safe!
  29. Also, are there gay bars for homosexuals who want to learn Spanish in Spain
  30. There are a lot of shopping malls where you can shop
  31. If you come to Valencia you will learn an interesting history since Valencia was one of the first founded cities
  32. You will be amazed by our bridges
  33. And with buildings like the Quart Tower and Serrano Tower
  34. During Christmas, the city is even more beautiful and can you enjoy the local nougat
  35. It is close to Alicante and Castellón, and other provinces with nice cities next to the sea
  36. It is close to Ibiza, if you would like to go out than that is the best place to go to.
  37. We offer interesting cultural experiences with opera, micro-theater, Roman Theater in Sagunto, markets, festivals, films festivals and many more.
  38. We have an airport from where you can visit more places in Europe
  39. It is not an expensive city, it is much cheaper than Madrid and Barcelona
  40. If you like soccer you will love Valencia, it is a real soccer city
  41. In Valencia you have to opportunity to get to know the typical garden of the Spanish coast
  42. Our traditions are also very extensive
  43. And we have spectacular flamenco shows
  44. Beautiful mountains and parks are just a few kilometers from Valencia, and they are really breathtaking
  45. The Valencian people are very kind
  46. There is always something to do in Valencia
  47. We have a subway and bus
  48. Valencia has a great sport culture. You will be in shape by the time you´ll get back
  49. In Valencia you will meet people from all over the world
  50. And Valencia never disappoints, we guarantee it!

aprender español en Valencia-50-reasons-why-you-should-learn-spanish-in-valencia

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