7 typically Spanish dishes to try while you’re in Spain

Getting to know the gastronomic culture of a country is another way to learn a language. If you decided to travel to Spain to learn Spanish and further you like good food (who doesn’t?) you chose a good and delicious destination. Epicentre of the Mediterranean cuisine, the Spanish kitchen is full of very delicious recipes. These are only 7 of the typically Spanish dishes you have to try while you’re in Spain.

If you want to learn Spanish but additionally you want to get to know better the best Mediterranean food, Spain is the perfect combination. Your palate is going to be thankful. And Valencia could be your departure point from where you’ll get to know the most typical recipes of all the different regions in Spain. If in previous articles we talked about typical recipes of Valencia as another way to learn Spanish in Spain, this time we’ll talk about the most representative dishes of the Spanish Cuisine. Not about all of them, of course, but about the most popular ones. These are the 7 typically Spanish dishes to try while you’re in Spain to learn Spanish.

  1. Paella. It’s to most representative dish of the Spanish coast and also probably the most famous dish of the country in the rest of the world. It’s made out of rice, chicken, rabbit and vegetables. A good way to learn Spanish is to learn the names of the different ingredients you need for these typically Spanish dishes, so you can amplify your vocabulary.
  2. Cocido. This is the most famous dish of Madrid, together with Callos. Black pudding, chickpeas, Chorizo, chicken, onions, cabbage, green beans, rice, bacon, ham, olive oil and garlic are only some of the multiple ingredients. A very nutritive dish for the cold seasons of the year. Learn Spanish trying to memorize all its ingredients. Let us tell you, it’s not going to be easy.
  3. Fabada. The Fabada is originally from Asturias, one of the greenest and most beautiful regions of Spain. Another sample showing you can learn Spanish in Spain learning for example every single step to elaborate this delicious dish. Between its ingredients, vegetables, chorizo, black pudding…Gazpacho uno de los platos mas tipicos de España-7-typically-spanish-dishes-to-try-while-youre-in-spain
  4. Gazpacho. Even it’s a summer dish, you can also eat it during the cold seasons. It’s a kind of soup with a multitude of vegetables and a lot of vitamins. Practise your Spanish during a conversation with your flatmate about this original dish from Andalusia. It has cucumber, garlic, tomato, onions, olive oil, salt and vinegar. Delicious!
  5. Migas. The province of Teruel is situated on the inside of Spain, in the autonomous region of Aragón but you can also try Migas while learning Spanish in Valencia. The base is fried bread with garlic and olive oil. It’s served with ham and pieces of Chorizo…
  6. Tortilla de patatas. It’s possibly together with the Paella the most international Spanish dish. It’s a kind of pie made out of eggs and potatoes. But it’s an art to do it right. Come with a friend to the language exchange and practise Spanish in Valencia while trying a Bocadillo of Tortilla de Patatas, having a beer and enjoying the sun in the city.
  7. Tapas. Tapas can be any kind a food, with many ingredients and with little, more or less elaborated. Try some while studying Spanish in Valencia, there are a lot of bars all over the city, and all over the country and it’s very traditional to go for Tapas. At some places they offer them to you when you order a drink. Marge Simpson, Bart’s mother, said once that she loved Tapas “ because you can never get enough of them” 🙂 Better that way, so there is more variety. Don’t you think?

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