8 Benefits of practising Spanish in a language exchange

Once you have chosen Valencia as your destination in Spain to learn Spanish, started your Spanish classes at our academy and, more or less, wandered around the city. The next step should be to go to language exchange sessions to practise your Spanish. You can take advantage of at least 9 benefits of practising Spanish in language exchange bars.

Language sessions are quite hip right now. Cool and cozy places where, besides getting to know people, you can put into practice everything you learn in your Spanish lessons. We recommend finding about the different places organizing language exchange sessions. Make sure you find time to attend at least once a week; you’ll see how rapidly you will improve with them.

1. Fix errors
Going to language exchange bars in Valencia to learn Spanish will help you to correct the mistakes you make when speaking with other students like you who are learning Spanish too. You will realize about your mistakes while listening to your partners.

2. Learning new words
Of course, one of the biggest advantages of this activity is learning new vocabulary. Remember to carry a notepad and a pen with you so that you can write down all the new words you learn.

3. Loose up
Many students coming to learn Spanish in Valencia struggle to open up and start talking in Spanish because they feel too self-conscious and think their Spanish is too bad. But, avoiding to speak Spanish won’t help you improve. In order to learn Spanish it is best if you make an effort to communicate with locals in their mother tongue, Spanish. Everything will be okay if you make some mistakes.The most important part is that you´ll learn from them!

4. Get better at sentence building
When attending language exchange sessions in Valencia, you will make a great deal of progress in sentence building. Either by using your instinct or by imitating others in the group. There is no doubt you will get better at it sooner than later.

practising spanish-8-benefits-practising-spanish-language-exchange-bars

5. Put everything learnt into practice
You can make use of what you learn at our Spanish school in Valencia. We store lots of information in our minds but attending to language exchange sessions will help you to make sure that what you learn with our lessons is extremely useful.
6. Meet new people
In the more social part, in language exchange bars in Valencia you will not only practise your Spanish, you will also meet new people. This is a great opportunity to make new friends and get to know new people during your adventure in Valencia.
7. Exchange ideas and tips
These language exchange sessions are also a good opportunity to meet people and share ideas, tips and tricks to improve your knowledge of Spanish. It will complement what you learn in class.

8. Become aware of mistakes corrections
While speaking in Spanish with other learners or locals will help you to become aware of your own mistakes or those made by your partners. You can decide to correct each other so that you avoid making the same mistake over and over.

Don’t think about it anymore, just do it. Go on your own or talk a friend into going with you so you feel a safer. Language exchange sessions are the best way to learn Spanish in an informal and entertaining way.

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  1. Great post! Thanks for the 8 valuable tips to learn the Spanish language. This information will be definitely helpful for me as I am attending Spanish classes. I would like to ask you one question
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