8 Public parks where you can learn Spanish in Valencia

If you choose Valencia as the city to learn Spanish, you should know that you can also do it outdoors while enjoying the lovely weather we have almost all year. More than 300 days of full sun per year so you can pack your notes and books and study Spanish outdoors. There are 8 public parks where you can study Spanish. Enjoy!

After the classes at our school, it is time to review what you learned in class. And there is nothing better than studying and enjoying the weather at the same time. Did you know that the sun shines in Valencia more than 300 days a year? Grab a backpack, your books, notes, refreshments and study Spanish in one of our many comfortable and green public parks. Here we will give you 8 public parks where you can study Spanish, but there are many more. Only a matter of research.

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  • Jardines del Turia: without any doubt the heart of the city. A huge green area kilometers long where you can enjoy the weather and lay down at the lawn while learn Spanish in Valencia.
  • Jardines de Viveros: close to the school you have the park; Jardines de viveros. A large green area where you can find a nice spot to learn Spanish. And, of course, see the wonders of the park.
  • Jardín Botánico: close to Torres de Quart, there is another public park where you can learn Spanish. The entrance is only 1 to 2 euro and in the park you can find a beautiful combination between nature and silence. The perfect place to read a Spanish book.
  • Parque de Benicalap: It is one of the oldest parks in the city and in summer there is a public swimming pool. A nice area where you can relax and learn Spanish.
  • Jardines de Ayora: close to Blasco Ibáñez, there is one of the most beautiful parks who is recently been renovated and where you can enjoy the nice weather. You can meet friends here or study Spanish.
  • Jardines de Monforte: close to the faculty of geography and history you can find the park; Jardines de Monforte. The most bucolic and romantic park of Valencia. An ideal place to eat, study or pass a relaxing day.
  • Parque de Cabecera: one of the newest and most spectacular parks of the city. Big green areas where you can learn Spanish on one of our typical sunny days.
  • Parque del Oeste: close to Avenida del Cid, you can find an old park where you can read a Spanish book, review your notes, practice Spanish with your friends or class mates and enjoy the nice climate of the city.


BONUS: Although it is not a park, Playas de Las Arenas and Malvarrosa are the beaches of the city. Easily reached by bus, metro or tram. Take your towel and enjoy the beaches while you relax in the sun and learn Spanish in Valencia.

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