Advertising in your hands, a good way to expand your vocabulary

The world around us is full of advertising. On the streets, the facades of buildings, in magazines….. advertising in constantly present in our lives. It is a good way to learn Spanish and expand your Spanish vocabulary. If you come to Spain to learn Spanish, without realizing it, advertising will help you enormously in cases like these…..

If you come to Spain to learn Spanish and stroll through the streets of Valencia, you will not escape of being targeted by advertising. Also, when you get home and open the mail or do groceries at your favorite supermarket. Everyday scenes of life where you, without realizing it, will learn Spanish and expand your Spanish vocabulary. Do you still not know what we are talking about.

– Flyers on the street

When you walk through the streets, especially in the city centre, you will see many people handing out advertising flyers. Food events, offers, business promotions… a ton of information that, apart from giving you information on restaurants and store offers, will help you to learn Spanish without realizing it.

– Advertising in your mailbox

You come home and have many advertising flyers in your mailbox, especially from supermarkets. You sit calmly and observe the folders and at the same time expand your Spanish. If you pay attention, you will learn how to spell words and the meaning of them. Write it down in a notebook!

– Visiting stores

If you visit a department store, perfume shop or record store you will find these small advertising leaflets. Take them with you! A shopping trip is, perhaps unwittingly, an opportunity to learn new concepts and vocabulary associated with images.

– Doctor, veterinary, office of citizens

It is time to leave home and do the typical day to day activities. Whether you are sick and go to the doctor, if you need to take your pet to the vet or when you need to make arrangements regarding you stay in Valencia….. you will encounter many situations where you will continue to extend your Spanish vocabulary unintentionally.

– Signs indicating public services

Not only the advertising in the metro will, unwittingly, be fixed into your mind. Also during your everyday activities you see street signs, bus stops, etc. ..… that will help you to develop your basic knowledge of the Spanish vocabulary, regarding to directions and instructions.

You see, you do not learn Spanish only through books, notes or conversation classes. Also during the day, without planning it, you learn a lot through advertising. Take advantage of this and expand your Spanish vocabulary.

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