Five parties in Valencia where you will learn Spanish

If you have decided to study Spanish in Valencia you should know that there are times where you will almost necessarily leave books aside to enjoy the festivities from Valencia. And there is nothing better to practice Spanish then just go out with your friends and make a linguistic immersion, enjoying the festivities and folklore of the city. For sure, you´ve heard of one of these five parties in Valencia.


  1. La Tomatina

It is the most famous tomato fight in the world, Sounds familiar right? It takes place in August and is attended by thousands of tourists from all over the world – go to Buñol – a town inside the province – and dress with old and comfortable clothes and goggles for diving, – you have your eyes –  to throw tomatoes. How quiet! There are showers, lockers for washing, the tomatoes aren´t tomatoes for human consumption, they are too soft … and the security measures are maximized. Besides, there are special buses and trains to enjoy ´La Tomatina´. Practice your Spanish throwing tomatoes. Remember tomatoes = tomato 🙂

El Pilar repite como ganadora en Especial con las mentiras de su "Pantomima"-five-parties-in-valencia

  1. Las Fallas

Candidate of World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Las Fallas is celebrated in March. Valencia has more than 700 monuments of social criticism made of cardboard and that are more than 20 meters high, according to surveys. Why not studying Spanish in Valencia by making a tour of Las Fallas? You can eat chocolate donuts, throw firecrackers and enjoy the great atmosphere that the city has these days, from 16 to 19 March. Do not miss the mascletá and the variety of fireworks, the performances of smell, color and noise, a lot of noise.


  1. Maritime Holy Week

The Maritime Holy Week is held every spring and even if you’re not that religious, we recommend you to go. You can learn Spanish in Valencia by knowing new people, enjoying this show held in the maritime area of ​​the city. Beside of enjoying the typical cuisine of this part of the year, The Maritime Holy Week, each year, recalls the importance of the sea for Valencia, in each of its events.


  1. San Juan

Let´s go to the beach! Celebrating Night of San Juan in Valencia at the beach is a tradition. Meet with your friends and classmates and go to practice Spanish at the beach in this magical night that announces the arrival of summer. Take with you a sheet of paper, a pen and write down a wish, obviously in Spanish, and throw it into the sea when it´s 00:00 o´clock. It is said that it’s s that magical that all of your wishes will become true, only if they are written in Spanish.


  1. 9 of October

It is the proudest day of Valencian people. Go on the streets and enjoy the formal events, it´s another excuse to meet up again with your friends, get to know the city and practice Spanish in Valencia. This day celebrates the conquest of Valencia and the triumphal entry of King James I into the city. Moreover, maybe a coincidence, it also celebrates the day of Valencian lovers, or San Dionisio. On this day, usually, the lover gives to his beloved the typical mocaorà, which are figures of marzipan shaped fruit and wrapped in an handkerchief.

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