How to survive partying in Valencia

Before coming to Spain, you should know that the Spaniards like to party until the sun comes up, and then maybe a few hours more. It’s often accompanied by drinking more than you’re used to, especially during Las Fallas y San Juan. So how to survive partying in Valencia? AIP has prepared a guide for our students.

Survive partying in Valencia: Before and during the night out

“unas tapas”

Eat. Eat before you go out. A large, greasy, fatty dinner will help you prevent hangover or at least make it milder. Eat during your night out. In Spain, it’s actually easy to apply that rule, as most of the bars have tapas, the typical Spanish food. (Patatas bravas, tortilla de patata and much, much more!) Some bars offer complimentary small tapa with every drink.

Drink a lot of water. That applies to before, during and after. Drink water! The morning after you’ll be happy you did. The hangover occurs because your body is dehydrated, so hydrate it! Have two bottles of water with you and drink it during the night. Before going to sleep, place a few bottles of water on your nightstand and drink whenever you wake up during the night. Drink water.

We strongly recommend you to be careful with hard liquor. It can both be hurtful for your body and wallet. The mixed drinks (like gin-tonic, rum-coke) are always 50% alcoholic drink and 50% nonalcoholic drink. Be careful, this means that the mixed drinks have 3-4 times more alcohol than in the USA, UK and the most of Europe. If you have three drinks in a row, you might end up very drunk, having to go home before the party gets to its best.


The safest way is to avoid hard liquor. Stick with beer, it can be your best companion the whole night, for sure!

Let us also give you a serious advice. Police in Spain are receiving more and more reports of foreign girls that lost consciousness and believe they were sexually abused last night but cannot recognize who the culprits were because of their drunken state. It is our duty to warn you. Please be careful with what you drink and the pace of drinking. Spain, and Valencia in particular, is a fantastic place to learn Spanish and enjoy great party nights, but you must always be aware of the limits and of what can happen if you cross the limits. And never leave your friends alone. Go home together please!

Survive partying in Valencia: After the night out

Eat. Eat after the night out. Don’t have large, greasy meal because it will be too much for your irritated stomach. Here’s a list of food that helps you recover:

Banana, kiwi and spinach. Add some yoghurt and you have an anti-hangover smoothie.

Eggs. They are full of potassium, which improves your liver function, and cysteine, which breaks down the chemical causing hangover.

Oats. There’s nothing like a bowl of oatmeal to stabilise you’re the acids in your body and give you energy boost.

Tomatoes. They reduce inflammation in the body and give your liver extra strength.

drink A LOT

Drink water. Don’t forget to drink water. Also, you can drink:

Mint tea. It soothes your stomach.

Fruit juice. It gives you instant energy boost. However, avoid oranges and other citrus fruit, as they might irritate your stomach.

The important thing to note is, all of this you can find in Mercadona or Consum. You don’t have to look all over the city to buy it. So, what do you need to ask the ladies in the convenience store – in Spanish: Banana, kiwi, espinacas, huevos, copos de avena, tomates, té de menta y zumo de fruta (manzana o fresa).

The best hangover cure – 100%

If you apply all of this mentioned above, you still might not get rid of the hangover. However, there is one secret thing to avoid an incurable hangover: Don’t drink any alcohol! 😀

Nikolina Dodig,

AIP student and intern, 2013

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