Typical Valencian dishes, another way to learn Spanish in Valencia

Aside paella, the cuisine of Valencia offers to Spanish students a variety of lessons about Spanish culture, about the typical dishes and also about the Spanish language.This is a way to expand vocabulary, a must in every language: discover the dishes and basic food that are consumed. Valencia knows a lot about the gastronomic culture.

If you are going to learn Spanish in Valencia you must know that you’re very lucky. Valencia and Valencian Community is one of the tastiest and flavorful parts of Spain and all thanks to a great gastronomic culture, big vegetable gardens and proximity to the sea. Extending your spanish vocabulary by knowing to pronounce and identify products and food is the perfect way to learn this language. And it´s even better if you can taste what you’re trying to learn 🙂

First, we are going to talk about what areas to visit if you want to know the typical Valencian dishes. If you want the international paella, you can choose three areas: el Palmar, near the Albufera National Parc, with has the best rice in the world, the restaurants like you’ll find in well known urban beaches, for example, Malvarrosa or Pinedo, or the multiple restaurants that you’ll find in central city area, near Town Hall Square.

But not only that! Valencia also hides other places where you can try the typical Valencian dishes of the city and learn Spanish as you get used with thier names by writing them and find how they are pronounced. The most fashionable area of ​​the city, Ruzafa, offers restaurants of all types and nationalities and also Valencian cuisine. Something similar also happens in Barrio del Carmen, the historical district. Also, you´ll love other areas as Xúquer / Plaza Honduras, Aragon, Abastos and Eixample / Gran Vía / Canovas. But what you must try if you are going to study Spanish in Valencia? Note them all on a sheet of paper !


1. Paella. Chicken and rabbit, or seafood. You choose. If it is cooked with wood and decorated with rosemary leaves, 200% it´s authentic.


2. Orxata i Fartons. In Spanish it´s called Horchata y Fartones. A refreshing sweet drink like milk where you can soak long sweets that are very similar to the typical sweet buns called fartons.


3. Baked rice. You are studying Spanish in Valencia, so you are going to see rice everytime you go out to town. It is a dry rice, prepared in a saucepan and baked in the oven together with tomato, potato, garlic, chickpeas and black pudding.

4. Tapas. Valencia is also the place of tapas and snacks. You will find endless places where you can enjoy them.

Arroz a banda-imparare-spagnolo-a-valencia

5. Rice with seafood. A typical dish for fishermens. It is cooked with fish stock and prawns. Rice and fish aren´t cooked together, otherwise, cook them separately, so that the rice to be dried together with the fish broth.


6. Arroz negro. Black rice. It is black because of the squid ink. You’ll love it ! After your Spanish class, go try this black rice which is cooked with rice, a fried onion and garlic and chopped prawns, cuttlefish and squid.


7. Esgarraet. It´s a Valencian typical starter. It is a shredded roasted red pepper cut into strips, shredded salted cod, garlic and olive oil.


8. All i pebre. In Spanish it´s translated as garlic and paprika, because of its two ingredients, although its main ingredients are potatoes and eel. A hot dish that you’ll love.

9. All i oli. It’s another starter or tapa. A light meal that has garlic and oil and is delicious if you mix it with bread or meat.


10. Agua de Valencia. After a full day of learning Spanish in Valencia, nothing it´s better than meeting with your friends for a few drinks. Drink without excess but try this typical Valencian cocktail served in glass and that contains sugar, white rum, gin, vodka, ice and, of course, orange juice (although in some bars can be variations and some element might be replaced with champagne).

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