Learn Spanish in Valencia, a bike and running friendly city

Did you know that when you come to Valencia to learn Spanish you will find the city with the longest garden in Europe? Or that Valencia is considered as one of the most addicted to running out all of the European cities? Furthermore, Valencia is one of the Spanish cities with the most kilometers for cyclists; we are a bike and running friendly city. This and other aspects of life quality can you enjoy if you decide to learn Spanish in Valencia.

If you like to bike everywhere, or love to run, you must choose Valencia to learn Spanish. Besides enjoying the sun for over 300 days a year, having the sea very close, being the capital of the paella, and offering a wide range of leisure and cultural activities, Valencia is considered one of the most bike and running friendly cities in Europe. Practicing physical exercise and afterwards studying Spanish is one of the great attractions of which students choose Valencia as the city where they learn Spanish. At the end of the day, it is the quality of life.

Valencia is one of the best European cities of running thanks to having more than 10 kilometers of urban garden, the Garden of Turia, which surrounds the city and which separates the downtown from the suburbs.

There are many national running races held in Valencia where people from all over the world come to. It is also considered one of the best cities in Europe to practice running and fitness. How about some very healthy sport practice after learning Spanish at our school? As will keep your mind and body in form.

aprender español valencia bike-friendly-learn-spanish-in-valencia-a-bike-and-running-friendly-city

Also, is Valencia, together with other cities such as Amsterdam and Prague, one of Europe’s most bike friendly cities that is still in their old state. The city is a member of “Network of cities for bikes” and has over 120 kilometers of bike lanes. Apart from being able to enjoy the smell of the nature in the garden Valencia has an extensive bike path that connects all parts of the city.

When you come to Valencia to learn Spanish, you can see the “ciclocalles”, these are roads for bikes whose traffic speed limit is generally 30 km/h. There are up to 18 routes designed by experts, depending on the level of difficulty and length. These routes show that Valencia is a bike-friendly city, much better than other cities such as Madrid or Barcelona.

A unique opportunity to visit the most important monuments of the city, the sea, the Valencian countryside, archaeological treasures and all the cultural and social heritage that you can enjoy if you decide to learn Spanish in Valencia and fitness.

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