Natural parks in Valencia, places to relax while learning Spanish

Studying Spanish in Spain offers you the possibility to enjoy many different natural parks and green oases that nature has ready for you. And if you decided to learn Spanish in Valencia it’s just the same. Because our region counts eight natural parks where you can lay down in the grass with your notes and books and study Spanish. Here you can find a list of natural parks in Valencia, places to relax while learning Spanish.

If you´re one of those persons who prefers to spend the night life in the quiet of nature, let us tell you that Spain is also a place where your mind can rest and relax. You’ll be able to enjoy peaceful moments with nature as your only companion. Because in Spain everything isn´t always just about fiesta.

So if you decided to study Spanish in Valencia, you´ll be happy to hear that our region counts eight beautiful natural parks that can easily be reached and where you can have a nice picnic with friends or just lay down in the grass and enjoy some fresh air while studying Spanish. The choice is up to you: L´Albufera, Las Hoces del Cabriel, La Serra Mariola, El Turia, La Puebla de San Miguel, Sot de Chera, La Calderona and La Marjal de Pego-Oliva.

L´Albufera is one of the most idyllic places in Valencia (it can easily be reached by bus from the city center). A perfect day would be to go there and discover the 21.000 hectare by boat. Later you can have the most typical Paella of Valencia at El Palmar. Learn Spanish in L´Albufera! You’ll love it. More information on the official website.

Las Hoces del Cabriel

This natural park is in the region of Requena-Utiel, in the province Cuenca in the autonomous province of Castilla-La Mancha. It stands out for its vast extent, its shires and the diversity of birds of prey. How about spending a day there in summer and reading a good book while studying Spanish in Valencia? More information on the official website.Parque Natural Serra Mariola-natural-parks-in-valencia-places-to-relax-while-learning-spanish

La Serra Mariola encloses 7 municipalities between Alicante and Valencia and over 17.000 hectare of land. It´s a natural park with typically Mediterranean woods and a large biodiversity which stands out for its over 1.200 different species of flowers. An ideal place where to spend the weekend studying Spanish. More information on the official website.

El Turia is officially protected only since 2006. It´s an other natural park in Valencia close to the city center and can easily be reached by bus or metro. It embraces a very diverse flora and fauna and villages such as Cuart de Poblet, Manises, Paterna, Ribarroja del Turia, la Eliana. Vilamarxantcoat, Benaguacil. Liria and Pedralba. More information on the official website.

La Puebla de San Miguel is an other natural park where you can spend hours in the green nature reading Spanish books or having a picnic with friends. The park is near the Rincón de Ademúz and on the way you can visit provinces like Teruel or Cuenca. How about a trip? More information on the official website.

Sot de Chera If your are passionate about nature and you decided to come to Valencia and study Spanish, the Sot the Chera is with out a doubt a must do. It is the first geological park of the region of Valencia and stands out for its diversity of birds, amphibians, pines and 18 hectare of vegetable gardens. It´s also possible to go diving in a beautiful reservoir. More information on the official website.Parque Natural Pego - Oliva-natural-parks-in-valencia-places-to-relax-while-learning-spanish

La Calderona is impressively beautiful. The park is in the north of the province of Valencia. Its mountains offer priceless views and the sierra Garbí is the most famous one. How about some conversation classes in an area like that? The park encloses the villages and municipalities of Albalat dels Taronchers, Alcublas, Algimia de Alfara, Estivella, Gátova, Gilet, Liria, Marines, Náquera, Olocau, El Puig, Puzol, Sagunto, Serra, Torres Torres, Segart, la Villa de Altura and Segorbe. More information on the official website.

La Marjal de Pego-Oliva El Marjal de Pego-Oliva is in the south of the river Serpis and between the provinces of Valencia and Alicante and covers 1.250 hectare. Its rice fields or also the Fuente Salada, a thermal spring with healing effects for the skin, are some of its main attractions. More information on the official website.

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