How to survive partying in Valencia

Before coming to Spain, you should know that the Spaniards like to party until the sun comes up, and then maybe a few hours more. It’s often accompanied by drinking more than you’re used to, especially during Las Fallas y San Juan. So how to survive partying in Valencia? AIP has prepared a guide for … Read more

My experience at AIP, by Marine Cloarec

My Experience at AIP When I arrived in Valencia I didn’t know the city and I didn’t have friends. That was why I was a little worried about that new experience. But, since the first day I realized that there was a good harmony, the teachers at AIP language school were very available and nice. … Read more

My experience at AIP, by Chiara Tramontani

With the enthusiasm and the curiosity of a 23 year old girl, who’s passing 3 weeks in a foreign country, knowing new persons from all over the world and bettering her Spanish level, here I am telling you my experience at AIP. Everything seemed a big question and I didn’t know what to expect, but … Read more