Types of conversations to lose your fear of speaking

Fear. Shame. Insecurity. Get rid of the idea that speaking Spanish is more difficult than learning Spanish from books or classroom exercises. And, though having that feeling is normal, as it is a language that we are learning and we haven’t mastered yet, making mistakes is a natural part of the process. How should you talk to your friends? What kind of conversations can you have to lose the fear of speaking Spanish?

The time has come to speak Spanish. Even when studying some basic vocabulary and grammar, we must learn to speak Spanish. Try things like meeting Spanish friends or other Spanish students, speaking online on forums or attending talks and meeting new people. And these are just a few possibilities in which you can speak Spanish and face lyour fear. Now, what can you talk about? Here are some tips.

– Talking about you
It’s very simple and also one of the first lessons you learn in your Spanish classes in Spain. Introducing yourself, saying who you are, your name, your nationality, your age, what you study, your hobbies… This a simple way to start talking then you only need to keep the conversation going and feel more confident about speaking Spanish.

– Talking about your city
Another useful topic to help you take your first steps into speaking Spanish is talking about the city or the country you come from or where you are currently living. Sure you know a lot of information about this topic and you can complete meaningful sentences. You just have to check what verbs to use, and start explaining the wonders of your place of origin.

– Talking about your hobbies

No doubt you have many hobbies. They can be watching movies, reading, playing sports… Any hobby can be the perfect excuse to start a conversation. Feel free to share your passions in Spanish. The biggest advantage is that you know exactly what you are talking about.




– Talking about Spain
Tell people about your experience here learning Spanish in Spain. Start by talking about what made you take the decision to come to Spain to study Spanish and then continue with why Valencia and not another city. Then go on to talk about your plans while you stay in Spain, the cities you want to visit and what you would like to do to make the most out of your stay.

– Talking about your family
Yes, that’s right. Piece of cake! Talk about the members of your family, say what they look like, talk about their personality treats, who you get on best, who you have problems getting along, the things you usually do together, family customs, celebrations… As you can see, there’s plenty of stuff to talk about when it comes down to family.

Remember, always start with simple topics in order to feel safe while you are speaking your “first” words in Spanish. Little by little you will become aware of your own mistakes and feel more confident. Be patient.

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