Tips to pass the Spanish DELE exam

The Spanish DELE exam not only officially certifies that you possess sufficient skills in the domain of the Spanish language; it can also help you to get a scholarship, internship and even work. So, in order to obtain a diploma, there is nothing better than some tips to pass the Spanish DELE exam. As you … Read more

The best summer music festivals in Valencia

In the summer, Valencia isn’t just about urban tourism, days on the beach and delicious food. There are also music festivals happening in some of the most beautiful corners of the region. It’s a good opportunity to learn Spanish while listening to music and talking to friends. Do you want to know more about the … Read more

The best Spanish TV-shows to improve your Spanish

When it comes to learning English it is always recommended to watch TV-shows in O.V. A technique which also works if you decide to go to Spain to learn Spanish. What are the best Spanish TV-shows to improve your Spanish? Take the remote control and try to find them! Aside from studying English, practicing in … Read more

Learning Spanish provides advantages on the job market

Even if the English language is considered the Esperanto of the 21th century, people expect it to be the same in the future. Spanish becomes more and more important though, together with Mandarin, the only language that is able to compete with English because the number of people studying or speaking the language is rising. … Read more

Ten reasons to learn Spanish in Valencia

Would you like to speak Spanish? Have you ever thought of studying Spanish in Spain? You don´t know what city to choose? At AIP Spanish School we give you 10 reasons to learn Spanish in Valencia. Because if you want a nice city where you can study Spanish, Valencia is your choice … It is … Read more

Valencia, the perfect destination to learn Spanish in Valencia

Often considered the best place to learn Spanish in Spain, Valencia is a modern and exciting city which nevertheless keeps its historical touch. Situated in the center of the Spanish east coast, it is a welcoming cosmopolitan city, which historically has been a place where different civilizations have converged. With a population of about one million, Valencia is … Read more

The Latino Caribbean ambiances

We cannot deny the fact that, each of us, when we are in a foreign country, try to reassure ourselves by trying to find a point of reference close to what we are through our cultural affiliation. In order to take over the site and to enjoy. I am Sindy. I live in Paris and I … Read more

My internship at AIP Language School of Valencia

I have to say that my internship at AIP Language School of Valencia is the best thing that ever happened to me. I decided to join the European project Leonardo after my graduation in March, because I wanted to get involved and because, after years of study, I had a strong desire to work, to be … Read more

One more reason to study Spanish in Valencia: Las Fallas

If you are interested in learning Spanish language and culture and you also like celebrating popular festivals, do not hesitate! Come to Valencia, the city of paella by definition and of “Las Fallas“, a festival of international interest which takes its name from the artistic constructions made ​​of combustible materials, such as cardboard and wood. … Read more

A day in Bocairent, between parades and music

I’ll always remember with pleasure the day I spent in a mountain village not far from Valencia, Bocairent.  The school  AIP organizes, especially on weekends, special activities which involve many students from all over the world, including those of the school, and also those of other schools … It is the best from this point … Read more

Memory of my experience at AIP

My memory of my experience at AIP consisted of a beautiful trip throught all Valencia, seeing all major cultural places of the city and having a lot of fun. Before arriving in Valencia, I had some doubts about the goals I had set for myself, that was to spend a one-month study trip, useful and … Read more

Welcome to Valencia

“The world is like a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”. – So travel to Valencia and broaden your horizons! So you don’t get lost in the big book of the world, we’re going to help you, at least on the pages of Valencia!! Want to know who we are? Well, … Read more