Tips to pass the Spanish DELE exam

The Spanish DELE exam not only officially certifies that you possess sufficient skills in the domain of the Spanish language; it can also help you to get a scholarship, internship and even work. So, in order to obtain a diploma, there is nothing better than some tips to pass the Spanish DELE exam.

As you know, the Spanish DELE exam consists of different parts. Reading comprehension and the use of language, takes about 90 minutes. Listening comprehension and the use of language, 50 minutes. Listening comprehension written expression and interaction, 80 minutes. And finally, the reading comprehension part takes about 40 minutes. To take better advantage of what you learn in class, you can follow these tips to pass the Spanish DELE exam. It will certainly help you to go to the test with more confidence.

In the first part, reading comprehension and language use, it is best to not start reading the text very quickly. Take a couple of minutes to understand what the text is about and to look over the questions. This way, you will already have an idea of what is expected from you and focus more on your reading. One tip, don not look for coincidences and lexical, or trust information appearing literally in the text. It can be a trap. And another important tip, do not waste time on searching/thinking about a word or expression you do not understand. It can make you more nervous and not focused on the exam.

When you have the listening and language use test, you should know that these hearings are always repeated twice. And you have one minute to read the next question/activity. It is ideal is to always respond. Do not leave everything to the end, remember it is not your first language and you have probably forgotten many things at the end of the test. Another advice on passing the Spanish DELE exam has to do with listening comprehension, written expression and interaction. The third part of the exam.

Dring this part, it is recommended to take notes while listening to the audio. Here is the vocabulary you have acquired before very important since it can demonstrate your domain of the Spanish language. Don´t focus on what you understand and don´t understand; think about what you have studied. An important tip, if you are uncertain or forgot something, it is not the end of the world.

And part 4, tips on reading comprehension, oral expressions and interaction. Here you have 20 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to develop it. The important thing is; if you forgot a word don´t think too long about it or stop talking. Improvise and show the interviewer you are a person with resources. Be consistent, always try to express neat ideas and, of course, you will make mistakes but rectify them quickly because that is appreciated.

We hope that these tips to pass the Spanish DELE exam will prepare you for the test. Good luck!

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