“Original” costumes you’re going to learn from the Spanish in Spain


Coming to Spain to learn Spanish doesn’t only mean improving a new language. It also means getting to know the original Spanish costumes of the people that might seem strange to you. Nevertheless we promise that you’ll take some of them back with you to your country, especially the nice ones. And you’re going to learn all of them from the Spanish.

Every country has its costumes and its peculiarities of being, thinking, working, expressing themselves… and all of it forms part of a country’s personality or at least of the personality of those who have these costumes and live in the country. And when you’re coming to Spain to learn Spanish, you’re going to find a lot of peculiarities. Don’t be afraid because in the end the Spanish are lovely.

– The Spanish invented the Siesta, a long nap they take after lunch and doctors say it’s as healthy as eating ham from Serrano and having a glass of wine. It’s recommended to sleep 30 min and get back to work immediately afterwards. Some exaggerate though and so the siesta can take a few hours.

– The Spanish don’t speak, they scream. So don’t be afraid when someone with a very energetic voice calls you on the phone, you didn’t do anything, they aren’t mad at you, it’s just a habit some people have.

– The opening hours of the shops in Spain have always been related to the hours of sun, you’ll be able to enjoy as soon you’re in Spain to learn Spanish. They open pretty late around 10 a.m. but they stay open untill later than 9 p.m.

– Maybe you’ll go for a beer with a friend to practise your Spanish. The waiter will bring you a Tapa as well, even if you didn’t order it. But that’s typical for Spain. It’s a snack which will help you to stand the alcohol.

Punctuality is very important in many countries, but not in Spain. There are even a lot of people who are late for work. It’s very normal that sometimes you’ll have to wait for more than half an hour in front of the metro exit for your Spanish friends to arrive. Just be patient!

– You never go to a fiesta before 1 am in Spain. The Spanish are almost Vampires. You’ll never see them in a bar or a pub before 1 or 1:30 a.m. . And in clubs never before 3 a.m. ! When the rest of Europe is playig the last song, the party hasn’t even started in Spain.

Football is able to drive the whole country crazy. That happens when the national team is playing or teams like Real Madrid against Barcelona. People get off from work earlier, enterprises close earlier, bars are full, streets are empty… if you don’t like this social phenomenon, at least you’ll have the streets for your own and so you can wonder around quietly and learn Spanish in Spain.

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