Simple tricks to learn Spanish, there you go!

It’s not always easy to learn a new language; you have to be constant, make efforts and sacrifices. Furthermore you’ll have to practice a lot and follow your teacher´s advice. And if we add some simple tricks to all that, I´m sure you won’t be discouraged from trying to learn Spanish. There you go!

Studying grammar, reading books in Spanish, conversation classes, listening closely to lessons and advices from your Spanish teacher, watching movies in the original version and listening to Spanish music, reading advertising signs in supermarkets, paying attention to advertisings…there are a thousand ways to learn Spanish.

And if you’ll learn Spanish in Spain and you’re a student who has come to Valencia to learn Spanish, you have to know about some simple tricks that will help you to learn Spanish and not to be discouraged. You will improve what you’ve already learned and achieve your objective: to learn Spanish.

You don’t have to thank us; the secret is in the effort you put and in your memory, there you go!


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  1. We know that verbs are the most complicate part when it comes to learn Spanish. A simple trick for that is to focus on the infinitive present first until you control it completely. It’s the first verbal form to build sentences and the most useful.
  2. One of the simple tricks to learn Spanish is getting to know which categories or fields of action you´ll have to know first. It means, first you should learn: the months of the year, the days of the week, the greetings, the seasons, how to do well in a shop, the food products and how to order in a restaurant, the means of transport and the instructions, all about health services, the most frequent problems, knowing how to describe or knowing to indicate a location and above all knowing how to formulate questions in the right way.
  3. Another trick is to change the language of your computer. So when you´re online or writing in Microsoft Word, for example, choose Spanish to determine the language. Do the same with your mobile phone. And the next step would be to choose Spanish whenever you go to an ATM to get money.
  4. Knowing the subjunctive mood will help you to understand better. Another trick to learn Spanish is being conscious about what’s a mood and that it it´s not a tense. You can’t learn it the same way you´ve learned the simple present and the simple past.
  5. Addresses and locations. You should start by learning the differences between aquí, allí, allá, ahí…
  6. The future is the simplest tense, or one of the simplest tenses. So it’s sure you´ll know how to use it very quickly, you´ll use it to build new sentences and get to know more vocabulary.
  7. Another trick to learn Spanish is to know that it is a very rich language with a lot of synonyms. Don´t be frustrated because you don´t know all of them, even the Spanish don’t. Learn words and any synonym of those but don´t put all your effort in trying to memorize what’s impossible.
  8. Be careful with the masculine and the feminine form, in Spanish sometimes it isn´t logical. It´s one of the most frequent mistakes. One thing is to be patient, the Spanish will understand that you´ll make some mistakes. One possibility is to take notes and make a list of words in the feminine and masculine form.
  9. If you know the articles and prepositions very well, believe me, you´re already half the way through. If before we talked about what daily life aspects you should know in Spanish, the prepositions should be one of the first lessons you should learn to apply.

There are a lot more of simple tricks to learn Spanish, but be patient. We´ll come back with more. 🙂

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