Ten reasons to learn Spanish in Valencia

Would you like to speak Spanish? Have you ever thought of studying Spanish in Spain? You don´t know what city to choose? At AIP Spanish School we give you 10 reasons to learn Spanish in Valencia. Because if you want a nice city where you can study Spanish, Valencia is your choice …

It is time to decide. It’s time to learn Spanish. You sometimes have thought of studying Spanish but you’ve never decided so far right? And what have you done so far is that you still have doubts right ? What city to choose? Which is the best city where to learn Spanish in Spain? The answer is simple, Valencia. But why? We give you 10 reasons to learn Spanish in Valencia. Be attentive !

1. Valencia is a big city. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain. What does this mean? It means that you’re not going to get bored. There is everything for everyone. Imagine studying Spanish in a city where you even can have fun. You´ve found it, Valencia !

2. Valencia has sea. Valencia is one of the most important touristic capitals of the Mediterranean Sea. And its 135 kilometers of coastline will help you choose between a lot of beaches and landscapes where to spend long hours reading a book in Spanish and sunbathing.

Playa de Valencia-ten-reasones-to-learn-spanish-in-valencia

3. Valencia is cheap. Exactly. Madrid and Barcelona are great, they are the biggest cities in Spain, but are also the most expensive: food, partying, renting an apartment…Valencia is cheaper and has everything that these cities have.

4. Valencia is only 300 km far from Madrid and Barcelona. Learning Spanish in Valencia has a great advantage, with the AVE or wth the high-speed train, you will be at only 90 minutes far from Madrid, so you can discover Madrid and the cities from central Spain, so you can spend a weekend there. And also Barcelona. Only 300 km to discover this famous city.

5. Valencia is less stressful. Studying Spanish in Valencia is enjoying a big city, good food, beach, good weather … but also less stressful than other capitals. We have high quality of life.

Plaza Ayuntamiento-ten-reasones-to-learn-spanish-in-valencia

6. Valencia is culture. If you like culture, this is one of the 10 reasons to learn Spanish in Valencia. We have many museums, from prehistoric art to modern art. We have cinemas with original versions, we have art galleries, literary cafes, alternative music concerts…

7. Valencia has good weather. In Valencia the weather is very good. In summer, it’s sunny and winters aren´t very cold. Our climate draws the attention of tourists. Learning Spanish in Valencia and sunbathing is definitely assured.

8. Valencia has lots and lots of paella. Did you know that the famous paella was founded in Valencia? You can even go to the National Parc of Albufera to see the large plantations. You can study Spanish in Valencia and eat the best paella in the world. But not only paella. There are also fartons, horchata, pumpkin fritters, typical Spanish dishes, agua de Valencia … and much more.

Paella valenciana-ten-reasones-to-learn-spanish-in-valencia

9. Valencia is a melting pot of cultures. You can learn Spanish in Valencia by walking on the streets, talking to its people and reading their posters, signs. There are very interesting districts, from the bohemian district of Carmen, the district of Ruzafa, which is more intercultural and fashionable, until to the modern area of ​​the City of Arts and Sciences … you choose where to go.

10. Valencia is the city of students. More and more students choose to study Spanish in this city. And for AIP Spanish School, this is another of the 10 reasons to learn Spanish in Valencia. You will never feel alone ! You will learn Spanish, get to know a nice and entertaining city and you will  get to know new people.


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