Why Americans choose Valencia to learn Spanish

Because Spanish is the second most spoken language in the whole world. Because Spain is the land full of art and history and with the most exquisite cuisine. The language might be complicated, but taking a glance around us we may realize that learning Spanish in Valencia can become a truly beautiful challenge.


According to studies presented by the Cervantes Institute, 6.7% of the world population speaks Spanish, that’s to say 548 million people including native speakers or second language learners. Though English still stands as the most international language, or Mandarin Chinese as the most spoken language in the world, Spanish continues to receive special attention and remains in second place in the ranking of the most studied languages around the world. Also, Spanish is the second language in international communication. So, learning Spanish in Valencia is an investment for the future.

Astonishingly, the number of Spanish speakers in the world continues to increase year after year. Studies predict that by 2030, 7.5% of the world population will speak Spanish. Actually, in less than twenty years, the United States could be the country with the biggest number of Spanish-speakers in the world. Perhaps these numbers are the reason why so many young Americans venture into the experience of travelling to Spain every year. Once they are here, most of them choose to study Spanish in Valencia.

Something all Americans who decide to immerse themselves in the adventure of learning Spanish in Valencia is that our language is very complete as well as complex, especially when it comes down to tenses. In Spanish there are many ways to say the same and we talk in circles when expressing the same idea, something that newbies will find confusing. However, they know that studying Spanish in Spain will not only allow them to reinforce the knowledge acquired in their country, but they will also be able to put all that into practice and blend into the Spanish culture and history. There is no better way to understand a language than by knowing its secrets.

Valencia is a city with a great historical legacy as the latest findings show that the first human footprints in the region may correspond to the 3rd century BC. What is certain is that learning Spanish in Valencia will allow you to have a pure Spanish experience, due to the possibility of practising perfect Spanish with locals, and the opportunity to get to know different places of the city that hide a great artistic and cultural value, symbolizing the passage of centuries.


Americans choose Valencia-americans-choose-valencia-learn-spanish


If 18 million students in the world study Spanish as a foreign language, a large percentage comes to learn Spanish in Valencia. 12.8% of the US population speaks Spanish and year after year they start studying it at an earlier age. Of all places to choose, the ideal destination for Americans who decide to immerse themselves in the study of Spanish is Valencia. Why? Here are eight reasons why Americans choose Valencia to learn Spanish.

  1. Valencia is a historic and cosmopolitan city: As Spain’s third largest city, it might be one of a few that can boast about a great cultural legacy, capable of combining monuments so emblematic of the past as the Cathedral, the Basilica of the Virgin, the Monastery of San Miguel de los Reyes, the Serrano Towers and the Palace of Marquess of Dos Aguas with the modernism of its Town Hall, the train station (Estación del Norte) or the well-known City of Arts and Science.
  2. A Multilingual city: Apart from being able to practise Spanish with other students in the academy and with locals, in Valencia you will also get in touch with people from other countries, races and religions. The ethnic wealth of Valencia is one of its highlights.
  3. Dreamy beaches: Extensive beaches of fine sand where you can breathe fresh air and go for walks throughout the whole year. The sea breeze of the Valencian nights is a delight.
  4. Nice climate: The cold is hardly present in “The City of the Turia” as it offers a mild Mediterranean climate all year round, which makes Valencia the perfect place to practice sports, do outdoor activities and enjoy nightlife.
  5. The heritage of its festivals: Month after month several festivals fill Valencia calendar up. Although the most famous is Fallas (world-renowned and recently recognized as Intangible World Heritage), we mustn’t forget the Holy Week of Marinera, the Festivals of San Vicente Ferrer or the Festivities of Our Lady of the Forsaken.
  6. University environment: Lots of students from all over the country choose to study in Valencia due to the quality of the education of the local universities. As a result, the atmosphere in the city is always very lively with lots of students doing activities outdoors or simply hanging out.
  7. Scrumptious cuisine: Used to packed meals and fast food chains as most people are, those Americans coming to Valencia to learn Spanish will be able to taste lots of different types of rice dishes, including traditional paella. And they all become a delight for the palate.
  8. Great school: We were saving the best for last. One of the best reasons why Americans choose Valencia to learn Spanish is AIP Languages. This school has tons of potential at a professional and technological level. It stands out because of its personalized monitoring and a program that provides students with the right amount of theory and practice in order to learn the language.

Because of its streets, its atmosphere and its people, Valencia is the prototype of Spanish Mediterranean city Americans who decide to study Spanish come looking for. 

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