Learning Spanish is trendy: the figures

Learning Spanish is trendier than ever. And it is not something we just say. The publication of different studies puts special emphasis on the constant increase of students of Spanish in the world. There are some figures which prove this statement right.

For many foreigners coming to Spain and Learning Spanish becomes one of their highest priorities. Spain is an attractive country, with lots of history, many cities to visit, with a good transportation system, an excellent cuisine and great beaches and landscapes. It is a modern country, with a great deal of leisure and entertainment options. All this makes Spain the best destination for a Spanish course.

According to a recent study, in just 5 years’ time, students of Spanish in Spain will have multiplied by 10. And they keep coming from all parts of the world, though mainly form Europe, Asia and North America. For example, in Brazil, and according to the figures published by the Brazilian government, there will be at least 30 million Spanish speakers in the country, as a first or second language. And this, will just keep strengthening the power of the Spanish language in the American continent.

The demand for Spanish courses goes on increasing year after year. As shown in another study, Spanish is the third most demanded language by language students, after Chinese and English, which take first and second place. Following this study of the Cervantes Institute, the demand of studying Chinese has increased in 45.4%, and English in 43.2%. While Spanish demand has increased in 9.5%, surpassing other languages like Italian, French or German, though the latter has suffered a smaller decrease because of the last economic crisis.

Learning Spanish-learning-spanish-trendy-figures
Choosing a Spanish school to get the Certificate of Spanish as a foreign language (DELE), which is the official qualification certifying the level of competence and mastery of the Spanish language, is one of the main targets of most students. This  increase accounts for 15%, and the number of students interested in certifying their Spanish level is already over 150,000

Where do students of Spanish come from? Most of them come from America. Each year 7 million students decide to take up learning Spanish somewhere in the world, representing 62% of the new students of Spanish. Followed by some European countries with 31% and 3.5 million students. Africans and Asians represent between 100,000 and 500,000 new students of Spanish, which means that the continents represent 6% of the new Spanish students.
Learning Spanish is trendy, despite the strength of English, or the power in numbers of the Chinese language, Spanish continues to be one of the main languages in the world. Feeling like trying one of our courses? Just get in touch with us and we will happily inform you about the course available at our school.

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