Mobile applications to improve your Spanish

The Smartphone has become an essential addition to our day. And not only for checking your e-mail, talking on whatsapp or accessing information through the internet. It also helps you to learn Spanish. Reinforce your Spanish classes with interesting mobile applications to improve your Spanish.

We cannot leave the house without taking or our Smartphone anymore. When we are studying, meeting friends, go to the supermarket and even when playing sports. We always have our mobile phone with us, so why not take advantage of it and use it to learn Spanish. If you come to Spain to learn Spanish, you should know that there are interesting mobile applications to improve your Spanish. The apps will help you to reinforce your Spanish knowledge and to learn some extra content. Here are some of the best apps, take notes!


Verb formsmobile application to perfect you Spanish. Verb Forms offers up to 7,000 verbs, allows you to create lists, exercise and store your mistakes to review them. If you want to review or correct verb conjugations, the exercises can be programmed to focus on the aspects that most interests you.

Diccionario de la REAThe Royal Academy of Language has also its own app and is a success in the App store. Download the app and always have an online dictionary with you where you can find the meaning of words, read over 80,000 articles and review the conjugation of verbs.

4001 Spanish verbsThis simple mobile app helps you to review the verbs in Spanish in a simple and clear way. The app includes all verbal forms and will be very useful in avoiding errors in your conversations.

Learn Spanish phrase bookThe app is already been downloaded for over 500,000 times. It contains over 400 essential words and phrases to speak fluent Spanish without any problems. A very useful app!

Speak Spanish FreeOne of the most recommended apps to learn Spanish, and already more than 1 million people have put their trust in it. They offer different sentences for the same situation to learn Spanish. You can learn the simple phrase or the one you like.

Learning Spanish – EspañolThis app includes fun animations, audio and 420 different lessons where you learn Spanish in an easy, fun and entertaining way. It also has activities to reinforce learning.

Palabra correctaThis app is an entertaining game where you guess about a number of assumptions if it is correct or wrong word. A colorful and fun interface that surely will end up engaged and, incidentally, will reinforce your Spanish learning.

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