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You do not learn Spanish only in class. Beyond the books and the classroom, if you´ve decide to learn Spanish in Spain and you have chosen for Valencia, you have to know how you can learn Spanish beyond the typical talks with friends or language exchange classes. There are endless extra academic activities to learn Spanish that for sure will motivate you. Which of these do you prefer?

It is great to read the posters from the supermarket carefully, to go to meetings to exchange languages and to walk around the city to learn the language, consciously or unconsciously. A part from our classes, the exercises to learn Spanish and the recommended books, every day it teaches you Spanish in a direct or in an indirect way But, if you have decided to learn Spanish in Valencia, you should know that the city offers you multiple interesting options to learn the language and while practicing a hobby that you like or that you discover here. You choose.

  • Theater classes: sign up for an amateur theatre group. You do not only meet new people, you´ll also learn Spanish in Valencia thanks to having conversations with them. And, of course, through learning your Spanish lines. Next goal, an Oscar!
  • Crafts: Why shouldn´t you learn how to paint, sculpture or a similar discipline? Explore art and combine it with your Spanish classes. Another opportunity to learn Spanish.
  • Writing workshop: Do you like to write? Do it in Spanish! You will learn Spanish if you join a writing workshop for Spanish fans. Unleash your imagination!

aprender español valencia-extra-academic-activities

  • Reading workshop: If you like to read and devour books than you should combine your Spanish classes with a reading workshop. You will get to know people who read and speak Spanish. You will be the best student of your class.
  • Cultural tours: Valencia is full of cultural tours who can teach you where the most important monuments of the city are. And, where the city stood for in different time periods. Or a route along its museum. It is a good option to get to know the city, its history, culture and, of course, the language.

From all of these academic activities to learn Spanish, which one do you prefer? Take advantage from your time here in Valencia. You will enjoy!

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