Understanding the typical Spanish Christmas customs in Spain

If you are taking a Spanish course in Spain during Christmas, you should take advantage of understanding these two things. On the one hand the typical Spanish Christmas customs of Spain, and on the other hand, the vocabulary for these dates. Should we give an overview?
Not only summer is a good time to come to Spain and to learn Spanish. And to take advantage of, for example, the sun and the beaches of Valencia and, incidentally, enjoy the pleasant summer of Spain. It may also be that the Spanish course you have chosen is caught during the Christmas holidays. And these dates are always a good opportunity to discover how to live outside your country and to check and learn about other customs. Take the opportunity to learn the Spanish language and to learn about the typical Christmas customs in Spain and, incidentally, also enjoy the holidays.

One of the customs that mostly attracts the attention of foreigners is that the Spanish people do not do a countdown at the night of the 31th of December. In Spain you have to eat 12 grapes, a grape for each chime. They say that if you can eat all the grapes during the 12 chimes that the next year will be prosperous and full of good news. And on the same night, another ritual ensures a good start of the year with some piece of clothing or to add red. And you need to put a jewel of gold in your glass of champagne before toasting. So many things!

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Learning Spanish with the typical Spanish Christmas customs in Spain is really easy, especially when it comes to gastronomy. If you have decided to come to Valencia to learn Spanish or to another city of Spain you should know that turkey is the main course of the holiday, but it is not the only one. In Spain it is also considered a tradition, instead of eating turkey, to eat rich chops or, for example, in a lot of homes they do not eat meat but only fish and seafood. An ideal option for vegetarians!

In Spain we also have nice Christmas dinners with colleagues and / or companies give gifts to their employees for Christmas, a favorite is a box with Christmas items to consume during the holidays. Also do we decorate the tables with Easter plants and do we wrap everything in a deep red color. Do not panic if you walk into a house and you don´t see a Christmas tree. In many homes the Christmas tree is replaced by a Nativity scene depicting the birth of Jesus. Eating fresh roulade on the 6th of January (día de Reyes) and not giving gifts on the 24th is also normal. During your stay you will learn Spanish in Spain and learn about the typical Spanish Christmas customs. Christmas in Spain begins later and gifts are exchanged on the 6th of January. Take note of everything!

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