Valencia, a well connected city

To come here is quite easy! In fact Valencia is connected with 52 airports of 20 countries. For For this reason there are 268 connections weekly.

To cope with the touristy demand between the months April and October, the airport of Valencia enabled 1,3 millon arrivals of flights from all over the world. Therefore the number of international visitors could count about 650.000!

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European connections:

  • Italy: 67 weekly connections with Rome: 2 daily flights of Ryanair and Vueling and 5 weekly flights of Alitalia, Bolonia, Cagliari, Génova, Milán, Pisa-Florencia, Trapani (Sicilia), Bari, Trieste and Venecia
  • France: 41 weekly flight connections with Paris: 18 weekly flights of Ryanair, Vueling and Air Europe, Marselle and Nantes
  • UK: 28 weekly connections with London: 19 weekly flights of Easyjet and Ryanair, Bristol, East Midlands-Nottingham, and Manchester
  • Germany: 19 weekly connections with Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfur-Hahn, Memmingen, München and Düsseldorf-Weeze
  • Switzerland: 15 weekly connections with Genf and Zürich: 14 weekly flights of Swiss Int. Airlines
  • Netherlands: 14 weekly connections with Amsterdam and Eindhoven
  • Belgium: 11 weekly connections with Brussels and Charleroi

So there is no better way to come to Valencia, a very well connected city by planes with all the major world destinations. This is so easy that will make you lazy!

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