Participant requirements of our internship program

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Required documents for the Internship Program + Language Courses in Valencia:

The Enrolment form filled.
Your resume (preferably including a passport photo). Previous studies or work experience must be sufficiently related to the desired area of work in which the internship should take place. Please check the  sample in pdf.
Motivation or Cover Letter describing the type and duration of the internship desired. It is important to be flexible, realistic and honest as this will help us to place you. Please check the  sample in pdf.
Complete the Spanish test online, after you have sent us all other documents. You can find the Beginner Spanish level test and Intermediate Spanish Level Test.
A minimum of one week of intensive language course in our school is required for those with a high-intermediate level of Spanish (Level B1 in the European Framework of Reference for languages). If you have lower Spanish skills, you must extend the language course for the necessary period. Please consider a minimum of eight weeks to acquire an intermediate level of Spanish if you are a complete beginner (preferably 12 weeks).
Finally, you should have an open and social character, and should adapt to the profile the collaborating company requires. In exchange, you will enhance your knowledge of Spanish, get to know the Spanish business culture and acquire useful intercultural soft skills, which will be very valuable for your personal and professional development. Balanced economical situation to cover all the costs of transport, food and lodging during your stay in Spain.


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