Why Americans choose Valencia to learn Spanish

Because Spanish is the second most spoken language in the whole world. Because Spain is the land full of art and history and with the most exquisite cuisine. The language might be complicated, but taking a glance around us we may realize that learning Spanish in Valencia can become a truly beautiful challenge.   According to … Read more

Most frequently made Spanish spelling mistakes

Spanish spelling mistakes are really common due to a wide diversity of tenses, expressions, grammar and spelling rules, Spanish is one of the most difficult languages. However, if we have a good teacher and we work hard enough, learning Spanish in Valencia will become an easy and enjoyable task.   Many Spaniards have doubts about … Read more

Learning Spanish is trendy: the figures

Learning Spanish is trendier than ever. And it is not something we just say. The publication of different studies puts special emphasis on the constant increase of students of Spanish in the world. There are some figures which prove this statement right. For many foreigners coming to Spain and Learning Spanish becomes one of their … Read more

10 things to avoid in a Spanish language exchange.

It is widely known that the best way to become more fluent when speaking a language is by practicing. The trick is to relax and let go of your fear, though the most important thing, when attending a Spanish language exchange,  will be to avoid certain attitudes that tend to repeat among students of Spanish. Which … Read more

Overcome your fear of speaking Spanish

Learning a language is always a thrilling adventure, but also somewhat complicated and scary. You need lots of study hours and, above all, practice. Learning Spanish grammar rules might come ‘easy’, but people usually feel scared of using Spanish in front of other people. So, how to overcome that fear of speaking Spanish? Well, AIP … Read more

Find the best books to learn Spanish in Valencia

The first time I came to Valencia in 1999, I wasn’t sure if I could find good bookstores with the best books to learn Spanish for my students, but I got a pleasant surprise. I found this picturesque street full of secondhand bookstores; the street La Nave, nearby Plaza Alfonso el Magnánimo, known as ‘El … Read more

Types of conversations to lose your fear of speaking

Fear. Shame. Insecurity. Get rid of the idea that speaking Spanish is more difficult than learning Spanish from books or classroom exercises. And, though having that feeling is normal, as it is a language that we are learning and we haven’t mastered yet, making mistakes is a natural part of the process. How should you talk to … Read more

5 original museums

If you come to Spain to learn Spanish, chose Valencia as your destination and love culture and art, then you’re in luck. The city has a rich cultural program that will surprise and also help you to learn Spanish. But, we want to be innovative. And that’s why we recommend these five original museums to … Read more

What did you say? Practicing vocabulary

Spanish is a language that is written according to how it is spoken. The Spanish “play football” or “breakfast coffee and a croissant”. Even in our dictionary we accepted the word “güisqui” (whiskey). So, it is very easy to learn Spanish, since all the words are spelled exactly as they sound. But beware, because the … Read more

8 Benefits of practising Spanish in a language exchange

Once you have chosen Valencia as your destination in Spain to learn Spanish, started your Spanish classes at our academy and, more or less, wandered around the city. The next step should be to go to language exchange sessions to practise your Spanish. You can take advantage of at least 9 benefits of practising Spanish … Read more

Tips to pass the Spanish DELE exam

The Spanish DELE exam not only officially certifies that you possess sufficient skills in the domain of the Spanish language; it can also help you to get a scholarship, internship and even work. So, in order to obtain a diploma, there is nothing better than some tips to pass the Spanish DELE exam. As you … Read more

Advertising in your hands, a good way to expand your vocabulary

The world around us is full of advertising. On the streets, the facades of buildings, in magazines….. advertising in constantly present in our lives. It is a good way to learn Spanish and expand your Spanish vocabulary. If you come to Spain to learn Spanish, without realizing it, advertising will help you enormously in cases … Read more

Tour of castles from Valencia to learn Spanish

Did you know that Valencia is one of the oldest cities in Spain? It was founded in the second century. B.C, although it was already occupied since ancient times. Due to its fertile lands and its geographical position in the Mediterranean sea, the city has always had a high density of population and it has attracted … Read more

The most difficult sounds for foreigners when learning Spanish

As much as they try, we see that our students find it difficult to pronounce some sounds more than others. And when pronouncing different words in Spanish, there are also some difficulties, though fully surmountable. We will tell you the most difficult sounds when learning Spanish for foreigners. Any language has different words, letters or … Read more

Understanding the typical Spanish Christmas customs in Spain

If you are taking a Spanish course in Spain during Christmas, you should take advantage of understanding these two things. On the one hand the typical Spanish Christmas customs of Spain, and on the other hand, the vocabulary for these dates. Should we give an overview? Not only summer is a good time to come … Read more

Extra academic activities to learn Spanish

  You do not learn Spanish only in class. Beyond the books and the classroom, if you´ve decide to learn Spanish in Spain and you have chosen for Valencia, you have to know how you can learn Spanish beyond the typical talks with friends or language exchange classes. There are endless extra academic activities to … Read more

8 Public parks where you can learn Spanish in Valencia

If you choose Valencia as the city to learn Spanish, you should know that you can also do it outdoors while enjoying the lovely weather we have almost all year. More than 300 days of full sun per year so you can pack your notes and books and study Spanish outdoors. There are 8 public parks … Read more