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1. AIP Language Institute, your online Spanish school

Hybrid learning with high-quality technology

We have equipped our classrooms with webcams and an omnidirectional microphone so that you can easily participate during the lessons and engage with the rest of your classmates.

To make this possible, we use Microsoft Teams. It helps us provide a great learning experience by bringing all the students in the same group together and having all the resources used in the lessons one click away.

Microsoft Teams also allows us to record the lessons. If you have to skip class one day or you just want to check Monday’s grammar lesson again, you will be able to watch any lesson again anytime. 

And if you need to get in touch with your teacher or your peers, you can message them directly inside Microsoft Teams. 

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Qualified and experienced teachers

We rely on a great team of professionals to carry out the language lessons. All our online tutors have been teaching Spanish for several years and are more than comfortable working with technology during our Spanish lessons online. In addition, all of them are official Instituto Cervantes examiners which guarantees top-notch quality education when learning Spanish online.

20 years offering the best language learning experience

Since 1998, thousands of participants have been enjoying our language courses. Over the past few years, we have been working and developing our online branch to meet the demands of our growing number of online students

Our objective is very clear: help students to learn a foreign language and offer an unforgettable cultural immersive experience.

Spanish Online Courses and Private Lessons 2
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2. Discover our Spanish online classes

Intensive Spanish Course Online

  • hybrid learning: webcam in the classroom
  • Monday to Friday
  • 20 lessons per week (50 minutes each)
  • from 09.00 am to 11.20 am (GMT+1): Grammar, Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension
  • from 11.35 pm to 12.50 pm: Conversation
  • free Microsoft Office user license
  • live sessions with Microsoft Teams
  • all levels
  • join in any Monday
  • communicative approach
  • small groups
  • dynamic lessons



Online Spanish Grammar Course

  • hybrid learning: webcam in the classroom
  • Monday to Friday
  • from 09.00 am to 11.20 am (GMT+1) (Live)
  • 13 lessons per week (50 minutes each)
  • focused on studying grammar, building vocabulary
    and improving reading comprehension
  • all levels
  • free Microsoft Office user license
  • join in any Monday
  • communicative approach
  • small groups
  • dynamic lessons



Conversational Spanish
Classes Online

  • hybrid learning: webcam in the classroom
  • Monday to Friday
  • from 11.35 am to 12.50 pm (GMT+1) (Live)
  • 7 lessons per week (50 minutes each)
  • focused on improving your speaking skills
  • all levels
  • join in any Monday
  • free Microsoft Office user license
  • communicative approach
  • small groups
  • dynamic lessons

Spanish Tutors Online

  • you pick the day and time that suits you best
  • Monday to Friday: from 08.30am to 09.00pm
  • Saturday: 09.30am to 03.00pm
  • 60-minute lessons
  • content tailored to your needs
  • all levels
  • start any day of the week
  • communicative approach
  • a combined work of all skills
  • dynamic lessons
  • one or two students

One-to-One Private Online Lessons


10 lessons


20 lessons

Two-to-One Private Online Lessons


10 lessons


20 lessons

AVE Global -
Online Spanish Course

With our 100% online Spanish courses you get full access to our online platform to learn the language in reduced groups (no more than 8 students)

The course includes tons of content and materials aimed at aiding you in your progress and development of your language skills, plus 10/4 live sessions of 30 minutes each with a tutor.

The teaching materials that you will find on the AVE platform have been designed by Instituto Cervantes. Each level can be completed in 3 months and you can perfectly fit the course into your routine thanks to a flexible timetable and with the extra help of being able to reach your tutor via chat at any moment.

  • tailor-made placement tests via live chat
  • 90-day full access to your course 
  • a wide range of interactive activities such as videos, audio files, grammar, vocabulary, reading texts and more to help you develop all your skills
  • 10/4 live sessions of 30 minutes each with an AIP Tutor
  • 10 topical units
  • 30 hours of autonomous work
  • contact your tutor via chat or email to solve your doubts and get feedback from your assignments 
  • free Office 365 license
  • official certificate by an Accredited Center by Instituto Cervantes





Get 2 extra
live sessions

with each course renewal

Hybrid SIELE
Preparation Course

SIELE is a multi-level examination that certifies your command of the Spanish language through a marking scale equivalent to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) from A1 to C1. This exam will give you the chance to certify your level of Spanish online any time you wish and is especially suitable for those who need to enter university or apply for a job position.

There are two types of SIELE Exams. The SIELE Global exam consists of 4 parts: Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, Written Expression and Interaction and Spoken Expression and Interaction. A comprehensive online exam with which you obtain the official SIELE certificate.  Then, there are also 5 different Independent Modalities that offer different combinations of a two-part exam in order to obtain the SIELE report.

The SIELE exam is one of the most reliable and convenient certifications nowadays offering numerous advantages:

  • international Certification
  • 5-year validity
  • flexible dates and times
  • quick exam results, no more than 3 weeks
  • the marking scale always allows students to get a level certificate



  • 4-week course
  • 25 lessons
  • Monday to Friday
  • 09.00 am – 2.30 pm
  • join the first Monday of every month
  • a wide range of interactive activities such as videos, audio files, grammar, vocabulary, reading texts and more to help you develop all your skills
  • 90-day full access to your course 
  • free Office 365 license


Hybrid Intensive Spanish Course 9.00 am - 12.50 pm 3.00 pm - 6.50 pm 3.00 am - 6.50 am
Hybrid Grammar Spanish Course 9.00 am - 11.20 am 4.00 pm - 6.20 pm 4.00 am - 6.20 am
Hybrid Conversational Spanish Course 11.35 am - 12.50 pm 5.35 pm - 6.50 pm 5.35 am - 6.50 am

Learn Spanish

3. Benefits of our online Spanish courses


We all know how hard it is to study online. It requires self-commitment and having a strong will. And, some people, just can't do it. But that is something you don't have to worry about with our online Spanish courses. The lessons have set times so you have to follow a routine and a timetable that will make you learn gradually.


We take the experience of learning Spanish to another level with a fresh style of teaching to improve engagement and commitment. Say goodbye to long grammar explanations thanks to the communicative approach. Our students learn in an inductive way, making grammar acquisition easier and smoother.


With the organization our Spanish online lessons demand and the work you'll be doing each week thanks to our program, it is natural to improve your level of Spanish and get better at each and every skill. The live sessions create the perfect scenario for you to clarify your doubts and share your progress with your teachers.

Learn Spanish

4. Faqs about our Spanish online lessons

Of course they are. They are for everyone and you don’t even need to know much about technology, or about Spanish. You just to have be committed and willing to learn and we’ll take care of the rest.

We use Zoom for our lessons as it provides top video and audio quality and it is extremely user-friendly.

So, once you enrol in one of our courses, you will get an email with a link to join the class of the course you booked your seat in. When the time of the class arrives, you only have to click on the link, accept the download and installation of the executable, go back to the link, click it again and join the class. 

During the class, you will see your teacher and classmates live. During the lessons there will be times in which the teacher will give an explanation of the content to be worked on during that day, but you will also participate actively during the lessons. This can be done individually or being paired or grouped with your partners. 

In a nutshell, despite the fact that you are at home and you use your computer to access the lessons, they feel as if you were in the same room with your teacher and mates.

This will always depend on the course you are taking.

If you choose the Intensive Spanish Course Online, you will have one morning session and an afternoon class.

During the morning session you will mainly work on grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension. The teacher will guide the class by the minute and they will take all the time needed to explain new concepts and new grammar items. We follow a communicative approach, so you will be more than welcome to participate during the lessons. What’s more, you will have to participate. There are many activities to be done during the class that involve individual work, as well as other require working in pairs or groups. 

Then, in the afternoon, it’s all about talking. You are given a topic and some materials to work through before the beginning of the class. The teacher will be in charge of moderating the session and making sure everyone takes part in the discussion. 

If you picked the Standard Spanish Course Online, then you will be doing what was explained for the first session of the Intensive Course.

And for those who preferred the Conversational Spanish Online, will follow the same structure of the afternoon classes of the Intensive Online Course. 

The DELE/SIELE Preparation Online Course, as its own name states, focuses on the preparation for the DELE/SIELE exam. 

With the intensive morning classes we have prepared for this course, you will work on each skill to build a better knowledge of the Spanish language and get the right preparation to succeed taking the exam. 

Finally, the One-to-One Online Lessons are the most flexible course we are offering right now. Each student decided what they want to focus on and then our teachers prepare the necessary materials to meet the student’s needs. 

You can try our lessons for free before making a decision. In order to take advantage of this possibility, you just have to click on the botton of the ‘Free Class Trial’ section and you will be redirected to a page with a calendar showing availability. 

Just pick the day and time that suits you best and one of our tutors will contact you to confirm the appointment and give you some more details.

First of all, the tutor will give you a free demo to show you how our courses work and the possibilities of the tool we use for the online lessons. This demo will give our tutor some time to talk to you and get to know your level of Spanish. 

Then, you will be appointed to join the appropriate level of the course of your choice so that you can really see how we work and make up your mind. 

What our students say about us

Matt Hoyland

Truly incredible experience! Everyone I met when I did this course was always kind and willing to help me learn Spanish. All the teachers I had were very friendly and made me smile every day.

The lessons were fun and enjoyable, plus it was such a fantastic way to use my time productively during Coronavirus.

Elisabeth Baeriswyl

Como Rafa me conoce bien teníamos clases muy interesantes – también con temas de  mismo.

Theresia Brennecke

Me ha encantado las clases con Victoria, es una profesora muy muy buena 😉 

Kerstin Duschek

Todo era genial y recomendaría la escuela a otros. Sería bueno que hubiera clases nocturnas en línea. La semana de clases con Isabel también fue muy buena.


  • 10€/mes por el alquiler de tu bicicleta para reservas de un mínimo de 4 semanas y un máximo de 6 meses.
  • Para estancias superiores a 6 meses, también se podrá acceder al alquiler de bicicleta, por 25€/mes.
  • Para poder disfrutar de tu bicicleta tendrás que hacer un registro con tus datos personales y proporcionar tu número de tarjeta. 
  • El alquiler de bicicleta incluye mantenimiento y garantía antirrobo. Si se estropea o te la roban, te proporcionaremos otra sin coste adicional. Tu bici podrá dormir en la calle sin ningún problema.
  • No tendrás que abona cuota de entrada o fianza y podrás darte de baja cuando tú quieras.
  • Extras para tu bici como cesta, asiento para niños, casco o soporte para móvil disponibles. Podrás consultar el coste adicional al realizar la reserva de tu bici. 
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