Why learn Spanish with AIP?

Given the wide range of Spanish language schools, we give you some important reasons to choose for Spain, Valencia and in particular for the AIP Spanish language school in Valencia.

Why learn Spanish with AIP? 0

Spanish, an important language in the world…

  • Nearly 450 million people in the world speak Spanish
  • Spanish is the mother tongue in 21 countries
  • Spanish is the second world language concerning international communication and the third in politics, economics and culture
  • In the United States 13% of the population speaks Spanish as their first language and most of the European countries include Spanish as a mandatory language to learn in secondary school
  • The Latin American countries are experiencing strong economic growth and they are becoming important commercial partners.

Why learn Spanish in Spain?

  • It is one of the most dynamic countries in the European Union
  • It is a gateway to visit other countries of Europe & Marruecos
  • Spain is a country with many different cultures and nacionalities and has a history that goes back for more than 20 centuries
  • Thanks to its excellent location (in the southwest of Europe, close to Africa), the weather is nice all year long
  • It’s a welcoming country with a vibrant lifestyle (siesta, tapas, sangría, toros, flamenco, fiesta, etc.)
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Why learn Spanish in Valencia?

  • Why learn Spanish with AIP? 2Valencia is the 3rd largest city of Spain and it is only 350 km. away from the two main cities in Spain, Madrid and Barcelona, with very easy connection by train, bus or plane.
  • On the Spanish Mediterranean coast, you can enjoy the beach all year around.
  • It is a city with more than 2000 years of history reflected in one of the largest “old towns” of Europe. You have available also countless gardens ,marvellous beaches and a world famous cuisine.
  • Valencia has one of the best climates in Spain (an annual average temperature above 15 ° C).
  • It is the most popular destination in Europe among ERASMUS students (together with Granada). It is a historic and festive city with a university life that makes it an ideal place to study Spanish.

Why AIP Language Institute in Valencia?

Why learn Spanish with AIP? 4

  • Since 2001, AIP Language Institute is one of the first Spanish schools that became a member of the “Network of centers approved by the Instituto Cervantes for the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language”
  • We also offer English, French and German language courses for Spanish students. Thanks to that we organize intercambio meetings every week that you will get to know Spanish people easily with whom you can practice your Spanish
  • Our staff is multilingual with many years of experience with international education. We have more than 35 professionals, all capable of solving school related and extracurricular problems
  • AIP Language Institute has its own travel agency, specialized in receptive tourism and organizing activities such as excursions and educational trips around Europe
  • We have modern facilities (new classrooms fully equipped, a computer area with free internet, a library, etc.).


The teachers are very friendly and are very anxious to learn us new things. The students were also very friendly and interesting. AIP Languages offers activities every day. Thanks to that I got to know the city and the people while having an amazing experience. In Valencia I had one of the best times of my life. Thank you everybody.
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Shiho Takagi

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