AIP Language Institute is a Spanish language school in Valencia which gives you the opportunity to learn the Spanish language and culture while discovering the charm of an ancient city on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

We offer Spanish language courses for all levels with tailor-made teaching materials to meet everyone’s personal needs. Also, we organise plenty of cultural and entertainment activities such as trips, exhibitions, language exchanges, food tasting meals, etc. That way you can truly experience the Mediterranean lifestyle under the bright sun of Valencia in Spain.

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AIP Spanish language school in Valencia

With a surface area of 850 square meters, 23 modern and well-equipped classrooms and a capacity for more than 150 students to attend lessons simultaneously, AIP Spanish School is a great option for you to learn Spanish effectively in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

Accreditations and memberships

AIP Language Institute is an official Accredited Centre by Instituto Cervantes in order to teach students and prepare them to certify their knowledge in the Spanish language.

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Having this recognition means that AIP Spanish Schools completely fulfils the conditions required by the certification system of Instituto Cervantes. This accreditation confirms that AIP has international recognition and certification to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language. All those students who choose to study with us are making the right choice, as we can guarantee the highest quality in our education, due to the external and objective inspections carried out by Instituto Cervantes inspectors.

Our school is also a member of the National Federation of Spanish Schools (FEDELE), which is composed of six associations and lists more than 90 Spanish schools teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

All FEDELE schools are accredited centers by the Cervantes Institute and offer Spanish courses featuring the best services available to students.

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Logo Bildungsurlaub

The concept of ¨Bildungsurlaub¨ allows German employees to take 5 extra days off per year, in order to improve their language skills and professional training. AIP Language Institute offers Spanish courses which are acknowledged as ¨Bildungsurlaub¨ in the following German federal states: Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Niedersachsen, Hessen, and Saarland.

For further information about Bildungsurlaub in general:

The Federation of Associations of Spanish Schools in Spain, FEDELE, issues the quality seal ‘Covid-19 Safe School’ to those federated centres that follow specific safety guidelines and recommendations, as well as presenting an adequate prevention and containment plan to guarantee the learning of Spanish in a safe environment.

We are OFFICIAL PARTNERS with CSN (the Swedish Board of Student Finance), which is the Swedish Government authority that approves student finance, both grants and loans, to students in Sweden and abroad. Students over 20 years old can apply to receive student grants and loans when taking a language course abroad, if the following applies: 13 weeks of a full-time course or more and the language must have official status in the country of study.

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AIP Spanish language school is located in a very nice neighbourhood in the city of Valencia, just a 10-minute-walk away from two of the most important university campuses. This gives our students the opportunity to live in a young, lively and academic environment. It is also very close to the city centre (1,5 km) and to the beach (10-minute journey by tram).


The front desk welcomes the students and, just by going downstairs, they will find a spacious hall with free access computers and then they will find their way to the 22 different classrooms equipped with SMART boards. The travel agency, where students can get all the information about the different activities designed for them, can be found on the first floor. The main office with all the departments, including the Internships department, is just around the corner. A learning center, a library service, a lounge room complete the list of facilities offered by AIP Spanish School.



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