Our teaching method

We execute the most advanced teaching methods, based on communicative approach of the European Framework of Reference for Teaching Spanish Languages, as stated in the Instituto Cervantes guidelines.

A team of extremely qualified teachers, high-quality Spanish language courses, weekly tests, quality control and monitoring are some of our main tasks in maintaining the interest and motivation of our students and employees in our Spanish school in Valencia.

Learn Spanish in Valencia

The AIP Spanish Language School’s main aim is to offer its students the best possible quality of teaching and courses in order to achieve high performances. To accomplish this, we have an academic department that coordinates an extensive team of teachers – all teachers have a university degree in the field of teaching Spanish and are specialized in specific areas of teaching Spanish.

The quality of our Spanish classes is guaranteed through the continuous selection and creation of new teaching materials, teacher support, and class observation.

Spanish classes in Valencia

Customization; the basis of our method

At the AIP Language School we know that one of the main ways to stimulate a student to learn a language effectively is customization. We specifically focus on the needs of each student through continuous supervision and personal interviews, which enables us to notice the weekly progress of every student.

Learning centre

Besides Spanish classes, you also have the opportunity to self-study in the Learning Centre. You will be entitled to (at least) two hours of tutoring per week with one of the school’s teachers. Furthermore, here you can find visual aids that will improve your skills: written comprehension (exercises, reading books), oral comprehension (exercises on CDs), and writing skills (using self-directed exercises) into practice.

You will also have access to grammar and vocabulary books (which all contain exercises for different levels with the right answers at the back of the book), dictionaries, and worksheets with answer sheets.


AIP has the best professionals to teach you Spanish. Also, the AIP Language Institute always gives you the support you need while living in a foreign country. I am very happy with their services.
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Priscila Castro

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