We offer two types of accommodation:

Living with a Spanish local host family or

in a shared apartment with other international students from our school.

Here you can find the accommodation price list!

Accommodation Types

Host Family

The host families we work with have our abiding trust as we have collaborated with them for many years. We are sure you will feel welcome and at ease, since the Spanish culture is very warm and hospitable. Also, the host families are friendly and open, but do not expect to speak English with them; most of the members of the host families only speak Spanish!


They are almost always located in the area of Benimaclet, which is one of the most important student areas of the city, just a short stroll away from the school. The apartments have Internet connection, with outward-facing rooms with lots of natural light and a bed, a wardrobe and a desk.


Individual roomHost Family Half BoardHost Family Full BoardApartment
1 Week€210€230€155
2 Weeks€380€450€250
3 Weeks€570€675€360
4 Weeks€760€900€470
5 Weeks€925€1,100€570
6 Weeks€1,110€1,320€670
7 Weeks€1,295€1,540€770
8 Weeks€1,480€1,760€870
Extra Week€+178€+210€+100


  • Get 10% off the host family option or a 20% off the apartment option when sharing a room with a friend or family member, provided that both of you are taking a course at AIP Languages during the same period of time.
  • On request we help to find a university residence, hotel or a youth hostel for you in Valencia (not available in our price list). Remember we have our own travel agency and we know which are the best and the most affordable accommodations in Valencia.
  • The price includes all expenses and a deposit of 150 € per person will be charged which we will reimburse to you on your last day in Valencia when we confirm everything in the flat is fine.
  • Half board in a host family in Valencia includes breakfast, dinner and laundry once a week. Full board includes three meals a day.
  • The accommodation is available from the Saturday before the course starts until the last Saturday of the course. If you are staying in one of our apartments and arrive after 11 pm or before 7 am, you will have to hire a taxi from AIP because the taxi driver has the keys to the apartment.

If you are staying in Valencia for a longer period of time and you would like to save money, we recommend you to book accommodation with us for the first four weeks (in a host family or a shared flat) and then look for a room in a shared student flat by yourself. It is not difficult to find a room in Valencia thanks to the large number of students and student flats in this city. In case you do not find it, you can extend your stay with us.

We do not recommend that you to search for shared flats on the Internet as you do not know the flatmates you would be living with. It is much better to do that once you are here and you have time to visit the apartment and get to know them personally.

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