siele exam preparation


What is the SIELE exam?

The SIELE exam is a distinguished and globally-acknowledged certificate of your linguistic capabilities of the Spanish language.

It stands for Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española – International Service for the Assessment of the Spanish Language- and it is promoted by the Instituto Cervantes making it widely recognized and respected in both academic and professional contexts.

Designed with a multifaceted approach to test reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, the SIELE exam is not just a test but a gateway to unlocking endless opportunities in your academic and professional life.

siele exam preparation
siele exam preparation

Structure of the Exam & Benefits

The SIELE exam has been structured to comprehensively evaluate your proficiency in the Spanish language in the four key skills:

    • reading comprehension
    • listening comprehension
    • written expression and interaction
    • and oral expression and interaction.

The exam is administered online and consists of several tests, often called “papers”, each corresponding to a linguistic skill.

One of its most notable features is that it allows you to choose whether to take all four tests together (SIELE Global) or select individual ones according to your needs.

Each test/module can be booked and taken independently, allowing you to focus on what you specifically need.


1. Reading Comprehension (Comprensión de lectura)

Time: 60 minutes

📝Tasks: involves various tasks like reading passages, statements, and short texts and answering related questions.

⚖️Maximum score: 250 points


2. Listening Comprehension (Comprensión auditiva)

Time: 55 minutes

📝Tasks: this section typically includes listening to dialogues, interviews, or conversations and answering questions based on them.

⚖️Maximum score: 250 points


3. Written Expression and Interaction (Expresión e interacción escritas)

Time: 50 minutes

📝Tasks: complete text gaps and create written texts.

⚖️Maximum score: 250 points


4. Oral Expression and Interaction (Expresión e interacción orales)

Time: 15 minutes

📝Tasks: it includes expressing oneself in a spoken context, which might involve describing an image, expressing an opinion, or participating in a simulated conversation.

⚖️Maximum score: 250 points

SIELE Exam Cost Breakdown

The cost of the SIELE exam can vary depending on the country where you take the exam and the specific test or tests that you choose to take.

If you go for the full exam (SIELE Global), the cost typically ranges between $100 and $175 USD, though prices may vary.

On the other hand, the independent modalities are usually lower and might range from $55 to $85 USD, again subject to regional variations.

If you want more information about prices, enrolment, dates, etc. you can always contact us.

We are an official SIELE examination center and we will always provide you with the most accurate and current pricing information for your location.

siele exam preparation


siele exam preparation course

Our Preparation Course

Our SIELE exam preparation course, intricately designed and structured by our team of expert teachers, navigates through each module of the SIELE exam, ensuring your preparation is thorough and strategic.

We make sure that we offer you enriched content, lots of practice and exam tips in all our lessons. Everything you need to improve your Spanish language capabilities.

We go to great lengths so that the preparation you receive is not just education but a linguistic transformation that guarantees your success in the SIELE exam.

Personalized SIELE Practice Exam & Expert Tutors

The last thing you need on the day of your exam is nerves.

And how do you prevent that from happening? With our practice tests.

That way, when you sit for the real examination, you will realize it’s already familiar territory.

With every practice test, you boost your confidence and fine-tune your strategies paving the way toward a successful SIELE examination. 

Paired with the practice sessions, you will find guidance from our seasoned tutors. Their expertise teaching Spanish and preparing for the SIELE exam will become your north star in this preparation journey.

SIELE Exam Preparation 1


Time Management & Strategy

You know what they say, right? Time flies!

And when you are doing an exam, it moves to the speed of light.

That’s why time management is key when taking the SIELE exam. Something you won’t need to worry about as we’ll provide you with a strategic blueprint that will help you to allocate adequate time to each section.

You don’t want to run out of time in the middle of your last written task. Or don’t have enough time to put your point across in the speaking exercises.

You’ll get all the practice you need to complete all the exam parts in time.

siele exam preparation course
siele exam preparation course

Overcoming Common Challenges

From understanding the structure of the exam to handling the pressure of the ticking clock, every key element of the exam might become a challenge to your stellar score.

During our lessons we take our time to analyze the most common pitfalls and challenges encountered by former SIELE examinees.

This way, we ensure your preparation is holistic and robust. From handling exam anxiety to decoding complex questions, preparing for the SIELE exam with AIP Language Institute will turn every challenge into a milestone toward your successful SIELE certification.

Invest in Quality Education with AIP Language Institute

We’ve covered the basics and a lot more about the SIELE exam and now it’s time for you to make up your mind and decide how you will prepare to succeed in achieving this goal.

Preparing with us means investing in quality education, resource materials and expert guidance. Each one of them has been meticulously crafted to ensure that your journey toward SIELE certification is not just successful, but also academically enriching.

The dedication encapsulated within our courses ensures that your financial investment translates into a real linguistic and life-changing gain

siele exam preparation course
240 week
  • 20 weekly lessons of General Spanish
  • 5 weekly lessons of SIELE preparation
  • Improve your grammar
  • Develop more vocabulary
  • Get better at speking
  • Practise with mock exams
  • 10€/mes por el alquiler de tu bicicleta para reservas de un mínimo de 4 semanas y un máximo de 6 meses.
  • Para estancias superiores a 6 meses, también se podrá acceder al alquiler de bicicleta, por 25€/mes.
  • Para poder disfrutar de tu bicicleta tendrás que hacer un registro con tus datos personales y proporcionar tu número de tarjeta. 
  • El alquiler de bicicleta incluye mantenimiento y garantía antirrobo. Si se estropea o te la roban, te proporcionaremos otra sin coste adicional. Tu bici podrá dormir en la calle sin ningún problema.
  • No tendrás que abona cuota de entrada o fianza y podrás darte de baja cuando tú quieras.
  • Extras para tu bici como cesta, asiento para niños, casco o soporte para móvil disponibles. Podrás consultar el coste adicional al realizar la reserva de tu bici. 
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