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Are you new in Valencia and don’t know how to get around?

Well guys, there’s a very nice way to do it! Rent a Valenbisi! Take care and respect your environment and mother nature – don’t go by car or metro, take a ride on the Valenbisi bicycle!

What is Valenbisi?

Valenbisi is a modern initiative of Spanish cities out of respect for the environment. In Valencia there are about 2,750 bicycles at 275 stations distributed in the whole city. But it’s not only about taking care of your environment – you’re also taking care of yourself! Everybody needs exercise, after all! And you definitely have to admit that it’s very nice to be independent of the public transportation and take a bike wherever you want (especially when the buses go on strike because of the government’s budget cuts to public transportation). Enjoy the sun and the sea breeze.

How to use Valenbisi

First, you have to buy a card to use the bicycles, which you can do easily on the Valenbisi website.

There you’ll also find the locations of the all the Valenbisi stations in the city.

Once you’re at the Valenbisi station, pull out your card, scan it at the terminal, enter your personal code, choose a bike and GO FOR IT 😉

We recommend that you only use the bike path, to ensure your own safety and that of others who are out and about.

How to rent a Valenbisi

There are two different types of subscriptions, both of which will be far cheaper than going by bus or metro if you’re in Valencia for more than a few weeks.

Subscription for 1 year : 24.41 euros

Subscription for 1 week: 21.21 euros

The best thing about it: The first 30 minutes are always for free!!

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