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Traveling to a country to learn or improve a language is not only necessary to attend language classes, reading books or studying grammar. Life puts you ahead everyday situations from which you will learn and also with who learning a new language. If you come to Spain to learn Spanish, these everyday situations will serve as the perfect complement for your Spanish classes.

Learn Spanish in Spain means, with no doubt, going to a good language school that will help you learn Spanish and master the language through conversation lessons, grammar … but not only that. If you come to Spain to learn the language, everyday you will encounter situations that you have to solve them and, consciously or even unconsciously, you will learn Spanish.


1. Shopping at the supermarket. There is nothing more relaxing than going to the supermarket and read the product labels. You’ll learn a lot of vocabulary to use in your Spanish classes.
Watching TV. It is time to get rid of stress, plug the TV and watch TV. Try to see it in Spanish with subtitles, you will definitely learn something ! We promise you.
You and the administration. In your stay in Spain certainly you have to go out for any reason, including medical or to the university, at the administration.  It´s the perfect moment and a forced one, to try to say small phrases. Do not be afraid anymore !
Buying clothes. A little shopping if you come to Spain to learn Spanish is compulsory but how to ask the size of the garment that you like most? Here you must push yourself to practice the language.
Advertising signs. Walking through the city where you are learning Spanish, you will see a thousands of signs in the language of Cervantes. These rides, like it or not, will help you that some words in Spanish grave in the memory.
WhatsApps with friends. The Spanish people are very social and soon you are going to make friends with whom to go out for dancing or for a drink. He or she will write you (or should) in Spanish. A good way to learn expressions and sentences.
Walking down the street. On your way to the academy in Spain to learn Spanish, your college, to the beach or wherever you want to go, it is inevitable that you meet Spanish people speaking Spanish (some speak very loudly ). So it´s a great opportunity to listen and to keep adding words to your vocabulary.
Visiting museums. Spain is really full of museums in every corner of its geography, and of all topics. A good option is to take a look at this museum that you like and read their signs, of course, in Spanish. You will learn art and Spanish, great!
Eating at a restaurant. We´ve already talked of the typical dishes of Valencia with which you can learn Spanish, and this time, go to a restaurant or tapas, even with people of your country, will force you to read, know and order dishes in Spanish. Another way to enrich your vocabulary, no doubt !
Listening to music. In a discotheque in a bar, at the television, in the subway … listening to music, consciously and unconsciously, will be another opportunity to further enrich your language and learn Spanish in a more complex way.


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