My Experience at AIP Language Institute

Beach of Malvarossa during the day with the sun and the sand

My memory of my experience at AIP Language Institute consisted of a beautiful trip through all Valencia, seeing all major cultural places of the city and having a lot of fun.

Before I arrived in Valencia, i wasn´t sure if my objective was clear. I wanted to learn Spanish and spend a month feeling productive while at the same time enjoying myself in a different country. Was this going to be the case? As soon as I arrived, all of my concerns disappeared.  Browsing the web and consulting various different web pages, I came across a very positive response from an AIP Language Institute student, so I decided to attend this school myself. I signed up for a four week Spanish course. From the very start I realized that this school was an institution that I would be able to recommend to all of my friends: there are a lot of young people, it´s a dynamic and fresh environment that is attractive for a student. The educators are very well prepared, they motivate you patiently and especially if you have only just begun studying the language.  The courses have been satisfying because I have learned many things and I have greatly improved my pronunciation in just 2 weeks, thanks to the efficient methods utilized by the professors. What I enjoyed the most was all of the fun activities organized by the school. The ones that impressed me the most were the visit to the Oceanográfic, which is part of the ´´Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias´´, and the football match that was organized in the beach.

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The Oceanografic in Valencia is a very beautiful marine park; it has a vast variety of species, a grand total of 45,000 living creatures in a surface of 100,000 square meters. I´ll never forget the spectacular dolphin show we went to, I absolutely love sea creatures.  Oh, and how can I forget Malvarrosa Beach? I had so much fun alongside other students. We walked, ate, and played there many times since it was so close to AIP, which is in Benimaclet.

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Malvarosa Beach

I´ll always cherish this experience with all of my heart, because I´ve learned a new language and I´ve also created relationships with new people from different countries from around the world. Valencia is a Cosmopolitan city that has to be discovered little by little and, thanks to the incredible people that work at the institution, I was able to do it. I recommend this school to everybody, because it allowed me to live a month in a foreign country having to submerge myself in a fantastic world, without any second thoughts or worries. For me, it´s the best solution for any students who are interested in learning Spanish, or any language.


Marco Rossi

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