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The DELE course in Valencia is essential to understand basic Spanish and is obligatory in obtaining the Spanish nationality – CCSE exam in Valencia. The first step to learn Spanish and to integrate better is to live in Spain (READ MORE).

If you are looking for a DELE course to conduct the CCSE exam in Valencia to obtain the Spanish nationality, we will help you. But, you have to live in Spain and fully integrate in Valencia or the city you choose to live in and master the Spanish language, at least the basic.

To integrate with the local population, to find a job, to interact correct with the administration or to arrange your health care. And, of course, to live your life fully in every aspect that may occur in your daily life. The DELE course, along with the CCSE exam in Valencia is mandatory when you want to obtain the Spanish nationality.

But relax, don´t be scared. It is not difficult, but like any other exam you have to prepare. So, the DELE course in Valencia is obligatory when you want to obtain the Spanish nationality and we will help you. During the course you will develop basic language skills to understand and to use everyday expressions, learn to interact, how to use the verbal forms… and you will all learn this through oral and written exercises without any problems.


Apart from preparing your DELE course, to obtain the Spanish nationality, we inform you that you will have to prepare another exam. This exam is called CCSE and is a test about your constitutional and cultural knowledge of Spain.

Through eminently practical exercises and basic theory, your preparation for the DELE course in Valencia will also become a safe training and entertaining activity that will encourage you to learn Spanish and to move forward when perfecting this beautiful language.

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