learn spanish through movies

What better way than to learn Spanish through movies! Here you can find some great examples of movies to help you successfully learn Spanish.

Any Spanish movie with or without subtitles is good to learn Spanish. But it depends on the vocabulary they use in the movie, the story that is told, the pronunciation of the actors or if their speaking rate is suitable for your level of comprehension. You should have a dictionary, pen and notebook always at your fingertips. Here you can find some examples of movies to help you successfully learn Spanish, according to your level.

At AIP Spanish Language School we always recommend that you complement our Spanish classes with other activities at home to improve your Spanish and to better absorb the information you acquired during the week. And what better way than to learn Spanish than through movies. It’s recommended to watch the original version of films and with subtitles, at first with subtitles in your own language and then with Spanish subtitles.  But the movies you should watch will depend on your own level because the pronunciation of the actors, the story and the vocabulary can be less or more difficult depending on your level of Spanish. Here you can find some examples of movies to learn Spanish according to your level.

aprender español-movies-of-which-youll-successfully-learn-spanish


Basic level

For students that are learning Spanish in Spain it’s necessary to look for simple stories and with a rather colloquial vocabulary, and the Spanish cinema is without a doubt plenty of those. From romantic comedies like “Sobreviviré” or recent ones like “Tengo ganas de ti”, to a bit more youthful movies like “Perdiendo el norte” and fiction like “El laberinto del fauno”. A communicative grammar, actors that speak slowly, stories that aren’t complicated at all and unadulterated realities will help the student to learn Spanish without a problem. Other movies are: “Los ojos de Julia”, “El orfanato”, “Tesis”, “Volver”, “Ana y Manuel”, “Hable con ella” o “Tacones Lejanos”.  A Language in which, the past tenses or complicated expressions aren’t excessively used.

aprender español españa-movies-of-which-youll-successfully-learn-spanish


For students that already have an intermediate level, higher than B1 in Spanish, these movies can help to improve their Spanish. In these the stories are a bit more complicated, they speak faster and you have to pay more attention so you can learn Spanish in all its nuances.

If we had to recommend some movies of which you can learn Spanish according to this level, we could say “Mar Adentro”, “La Comunidad”, “Chuecatown”, “Azuloscurocasinegro”, “La plaza del diamante”, “Los peores años de nuestra vida”, “Mujeres al borde un atque de nervios” or “Los crímenes de Oxford”, are some of the most interesting ones.

aprender español valencia-movies-of-which-youll-successfully-learn-spanish

High level

If you’re studying Spanish in Spain and your level of ability is nearly perfect, or already perfect and higher than C1 you can look for more complicated movies with a language from which you can learn new and more difficult words, with stories in which you can get lost and that means they can be a real challenge for you to learn Spanish. In this case, we have these examples for you: “La isla minima, “Balada triste de trompeta”, “El día de la bestia”, “Juana la loca”, El perro del hortelano”, “Celda 211”, “Mientras duermes” or “Belle Époque”.  If you can watch these movies without a problem to understand, you should know that your Spanish is (nearly) perfect.

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