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When it comes to learning English it is always recommended to watch TV-shows in O.V. A technique which also works if you decide to go to Spain to learn Spanish. What are the best Spanish TV-shows to improve your Spanish? Take the remote control and try to find them!

Aside from studying English, practicing in conversation groups and reading books, it’s also recommended to watch TV-shows in O.V. to learn the language and to improve your pronunciation. The same technique also works if you’re in Spain and you want to improve your Spanish. And to learn Spanish you could become a fan of one these TV-shows. They will help you with your vocabulary and you’ll get to know new words and typically Spanish expressions.


– Cuéntame is one of the oldest TV-shows in Spain and on transmission since 2011. It’s the story of a the family Alcántara, one of the most popular families with the Spanish viewers. A great success with a viewer rating of over 6 million during its best times. Cuéntame is a good example for a TV-show to learn Spanish because the dialogues are slow and you’ll also learn a lot about Spanish history which is a part each season. TV channel: TVE.



– Allí abajo

It’s a very popular comedy show. A funny TV-show of which you can learn Spanish and which tells about the adventures of a Bask in Andalusia. In Allí abajo you’ll find all the typical differences between the north and the south of Spain. It’s about habits, different characters and also typical vocabulary from those parts of Spain. With all the chaotic and incredible situations from time to time you’ll have to smile. TV channel: Antena 3.



– Velvet

Velvet is a romantic comedy and has slow dialogues which will help you to improve your Spanish little by little in a efficient way. This TV-show is one of the greatest successes of the current Spanish television. It has over 4000000 viewers every week and takes place in the 60ies in the Galerías Velvet in Madrid. You’re going to like its elegance and music. TV channel: Antena 3.

Vis a Vis-the-best-spanish-tv-shows-to-improve-your-spanish


– Vis a Vis

This is the Spanish version of the American TV-show Orange is the new black even if the Spanish protagonists wear yellow. It’s one of the TV-shows which earned the most positive critics and it’s a great success. Vis a vis tells the story of Macarena and her entrance to prison where she finds good and bad company and a lot of problems. A good TV-show to learn Spanish, especially colloquial expressions, far from the former Spanish. TV channel: Antena 3.

El príncipe-the-best-spanish-tv-shows-to-improve-your-spanish


– El Príncipe

An other success of the last seasons is El Príncipe. A action TV-show in which the dialogues are a bit faster but also maybe a bit more difficult to understand. Anyway the protagonist is a arabic girl and she speaks Spanish slowly. That’ll give you some breaks between all the action happening in this TV-show. The combination of terrorism and love got the fascination of the viewers. TV channel: Tele 5

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