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Learning Spanish opens you a door to a world full of possibilities. You can get to know new people and cultures, find a new job, travel saver through the world and discover one of the oldest spoken languages of the planet. So what would be better than learning Spanish with us? Here you can find 10 simple reasons why to learn Spanish in Spain with AIP Language Institute.

If you’ve decided to learn Spanish in Spain and you’re looking for an academy or a language school in Spain, AIP Language Institute is the right place. Our foreign students experience a high grade of success and satisfaction at the AIP Language Institute when it comes to learn Spanish. Because with us you won’t be just studying but also having a lot fun. The Spanish courses are lots of fun, so you will learn Spanish without even noticing. We will tell you 10 simple reasons why to learn Spanish in Spain with AIP Language Institute.


You already know that if you’re looking for a language school on Spain, we recommend AIP Languages in Valencia, only 10 minutes from the beach. Apart from that, there are ten more simple reasons why to learn Spanish with us:

1. It’s a brilliant idea to learn Spanish at the seaside. Valencia is one of the biggest and most cosmopolitan cities in Spain, it’s only 300 km from Madrid and Barcelona but life is cheaper and – between you and me – the quality of life is better as well.

2. To study Spanish with AIP Language Institute means to learn from graduate teachers who are native speakers. They have a lot of experience in teaching and experimenting with didactic methods which will guarantee your success in learning Spanish.

3. Learning Spanish individually is the best way to learn a new language. That’s one out of 10 reasons why to learn Spanish with AIP Language Institute. Because each student has his own pace and we adapt to yours.

4. Studying Spanish in Spain means to improve your conversation skills in a playful way. That way its going to be easier for you to speak Spanish. You don’t have to be shy, we know that you’re here to learn, in this case to learn Spanish.

5. It’s a good option to learn Spanish in a young and dynamic atmosphere. Over 75% of our students are between 18 and 40 years old and half of them are under the age of 25. Furthermore you will get to know people from other countries who also want to learn Spanish with you in Spain.

6. Learning Spanish means to learn Spanish depending on your own level which we’ll find out by an entrance test. Aside the help form your tutor we offer you a constant support during your learning process.

7. Learning Spanish isn’t just about books, books, books, at our school, we also organize other activities that give you the possibility to practice your Spanish while having fun: summer camps, dance, sailing and cooking courses and additionally we offer accommodations in Valencia.

8. Learning Spanish in Spain means to learn the purest and most academic Spanish, the most used in the world and in books. Of course it isn’t the only Spanish language that exists, but here is where it was invented. A good reason, isn’t it?

9. Affordable Spanish courses do exist. At AIP Language Institute we have cheap prices, because we think it should be possible for everyone to learn Spanish, in the end it’s an important life experience and without a doubt it´s going to be an enrichment for oneself. You’re going to have fun and never forget about it.

10. To find a language school with such a good atmosphere like ours is going to be difficult. We like to claim that, but it’s true. We are a modern and young school and we have fun teaching languages. We’re looking forward to having you here!


  • 10€/mes por el alquiler de tu bicicleta para reservas de un mínimo de 4 semanas y un máximo de 6 meses.
  • Para estancias superiores a 6 meses, también se podrá acceder al alquiler de bicicleta, por 25€/mes.
  • Para poder disfrutar de tu bicicleta tendrás que hacer un registro con tus datos personales y proporcionar tu número de tarjeta. 
  • El alquiler de bicicleta incluye mantenimiento y garantía antirrobo. Si se estropea o te la roban, te proporcionaremos otra sin coste adicional. Tu bici podrá dormir en la calle sin ningún problema.
  • No tendrás que abona cuota de entrada o fianza y podrás darte de baja cuando tú quieras.
  • Extras para tu bici como cesta, asiento para niños, casco o soporte para móvil disponibles. Podrás consultar el coste adicional al realizar la reserva de tu bici. 
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